Closing Keynote: Godwin Higa

Godwin-Higa-175x145Godwin Higa is the Principal at Cherokee Point Elementary School in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego. His school was recently recognized by the Huffington Post as one of the few trauma-informed schools in the nation. Under his leadership, there have been zero suspensions for the last two years.

Mr. Higa is passionate about his students’ success and demands that all students are treated with the utmost respect so they can succeed and thrive in academics and later in life. His goal is to create a trauma-informed school district as well as spread the approach to the wider community, the state, and the nation.

He has been an administrator with the San Diego Unified School District for the last 15 years and is committed to making discipline policy changes within the district.  He also currently a commissioner for the Human Relations Commission for San Diego City, appointed by the Mayor. He is also a Board member for the Citizen’s Review Board. His background as an education reformer was informed by ten years as a teacher for San Diego Unified School District and as a teacher at Donovan Correctional Facility prior to that.

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