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Our 2015 statewide school health conference – Advancing Equity in Education & Health Care – was held at the Bahia Resort in San Diego April 30 and May 1. Read our recap, see photos, and download the program booklet.

Pre-Conference Workshops – Thursday, April 30

First Steps to Planning a School-Based Health Center (SBHCs 101)
Is your school district interested in providing health services on campus or are you a medical provider or other community agency interested in partnering to open a school-based health center? Tour a school-based health center in San Diego and get insight on planning stages, partnership building, needs assessments, guidelines, consents/ confidentiality, establishing MOUs, and certification considerations.
Presenters: Salina Mendoza – Program Manager, California School-Based Health Alliance; Dorothy Zirkle – Zirkle Consulting
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

Sharing Information: Appropriately Applying HIPAA, FERPA, & Other Confidentiality Laws
The appropriate sharing of information between educational and school health partners is essential, both to effectively serve students and families and to ensure legal compliance. What are HIPAA and FERPA and how do they apply to your work? When and how may schools share information with their health partners, and vice versa? How can parents, schools, and providers share information to improve health and educational outcomes? Use case studies to understand and apply major confidentiality laws. Get tools and strategies to improve collaboration.
Presenter: Rebecca Gudeman, JD, MPA – Senior Attorney, National Center for Youth Law
Resources: Information on Our HIPAA/FERPA Toolkit; Members Can Access the Toolkit Here

Get on Track to Open a Financially Sustainable SBHC (SBHCs 102)
This workshop is designed for school-based health centers that have completed the planning stage, and are either in the initial stages of seeing patients, or are about to open their doors. Get a better understanding of issues related to district and community partnerships, patient outreach and registration, provider productivity, quality improvement, billing and reimbursement.
Presenters: Juan Taizan, MPA – Project Director, California School-Based Health Alliance; Amy Blackshaw, MSW – Clinic Supervisor, La Clinica de La Raza
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation; Sample Budget (Excel download); Budgeting Process Handout (Word download); Sample Monthly Visits & Financials Report (Excel download)

Using Trauma-Informed Strategies to De-Escalate Classroom Conflict
Recent research on child and adolescent brain development has strong implications for educators and health professionals, especially those working with youth who have experienced trauma. Trauma impacts the brain in ways that sometimes drives challenging classroom behaviors. Learn to understand and identify these behaviors and get hands-on strategies to respond in ways that de-escalate conflict and build strong and supportive school and classroom environments.
Presenters: Jenn Rader – Director, The James Morehouse Project at El Cerrito High School; Alicia Rozum, MSW, PPSC – Project Director, Mental Health, California School-Based Health Alliance
Resources: Trauma-Informed Strategies PowerPoint Presentation; Child Development & Trauma PowerPoint Presentation

Conference Workshops – Friday, May 1


Leveraging Chronic Absence to Trigger Early Intervention
Do you know how to find out which schools and students are affected by chronic absence in your community? Learn to partner effectively and incorporate strategies into your Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) to address the causes of chronic absence.
Presenters: Hedy Chang, MPP – Director, Attendance Works; Gordon Jackson – Director, Coordinated Student Support Division, California Department of Education
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation


Using Private Insurance for Confidential Care: SB 138 & Minor Consent
A new state law prevents insurers from disclosing confidential health information when youth seek minor consent care. Get an overview of how this law affects services that youth can access and of the existing insurance privacy problem.
Presenter: Rebecca Gudeman, JD, MPA  Senior Attorney, National Center for Youth Law

Mental Health

Building a  Framework for Mental Health Programs on Your Campus
One in five students experience mental health issues that impact learning. Learn how this and childhood trauma affect the safety and health of schools and students.  Get strategies, frameworks, and tools to implement systems for student wellness.
Presenters: Michael Lombardo, Masters in Organizational Management – Director Student Support Services, Placer County Office of Education; Barbara Kelley, MA, PPS, BICM – California PBIS Coordinator, PBIS California Technical Assistance Center
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation; Additional Resources

Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools
Learn about a framework for educators, principals, health care staff, and school counselors whose work serves large populations of students who have been exposed to trauma. Engage in rich discussions that integrate personal experiences, explore consequences of childhood trauma, and identify tangible strategies and action steps for your school.
Presenters: Lara Kain – Senior Director, Los Angeles Education Partnership; Brock Cohen – Director, Los Angeles Education Partnership; Erin Browder – Transformation Facilitator, Los Angeles Education Partnership
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation; LAEP Handout

Cultivating Mindfulness in Teachers & Students to Reduce Barriers to Learning
Unrelenting stress debilitates both students and educators. Hear about a program that trained elementary and middle school teachers to enhance their stress-coping skills and implement mindful stress-reduction practices that improved students’ readiness to learn and ability to self-regulate.
Presenter: Dr. Lucy Vezzuto, Ph.D. – Coordinator Student Mental Health & School Climate, Orange County Department of Education
Resources: PowerPoint Handout

Oral Health

School-Based Oral Health Centers: Partnering to Provide Integrative Care*
Untreated dental problems are a major obstacle to student attendance and learning. Learn about a partnership among dental schools, school districts, and healthcare professionals to provide oral healthcare so students can be at school, ready to learn.
Presenters: Timothy Martinez, D.M.D. – Associate Dean for Community Partnerships and Access to Care / Assistant Professor, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine; Marisa Watanabe, D.D.S., M.S. – Assistant Professor, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine; Mary Borja, RN, FNP, BSN, MSN – Health Services Chairperson, El Monte City School District; Sei Kim, BS, BA – DMD 2016 Candidate, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

Obesity & Nutrition

Developing an Integrated Referral Network to Address Childhood Obesity in Schools
A unique integrated referral network is supporting students at risk of obesity at three South L.A. high schools. Learn about the development of this network and hear about nutrition and physical activity tools that support at-risk students.
Presenters: Lucy Montoya – Project Coordinator, Community Health Councils; Donzella Lee, MPH – Healthcare Systems Policy Director, Community Health Councils
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

Health Care Reform & Policy

Leveraging Policy Opportunities to Expand Care Coordination & Impact for SBHCs*
Health care reform continues to create incentives for improved care coordination. Learn about current major policy initiatives at the State level affecting community based care and potential opportunities for SBHCs.
Presenters: Erynne Jones, MPH – Associate Director of Policy, California Primary Care Association; Beth Malinowski, MPH – Assistant Director of Policy, California Primary Care Association
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

School-Based Medical Services

Bringing Comprehensive Asthma Screening & Education to Your SBHC*
Hear about a comprehensive school-based asthma screening and education program in West Oakland, a community with a high asthma prevalence and  rates of asthma hospitalization. Learn about peer education groups and handheld spirometry screening, treatment, and referral.
Presenters: Barbara Hollinger, RN, MSN, FNP-BC – Clinical Professor/ FNP clinician, UCSF/Lifelong Medical; Kristine Carter, RN, MS, PNP – BC, PNP clinician, Lifelong Medical
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

Free Flu Shots for Kids! One County’s Successful Partnership for Vaccines*
The Orange County Department of Education, Kaiser Permanente, and the Orange County Healthcare Agency partnered to bring free flu vaccinations to schools in 2014. Learn about clinic planning, staffing, implementation, and results.
Presenters: Pamela Kahn, RN, MPH – Coordinator, Health and Wellness, Orange County Department of Education; Gale M. Ivie, BS, MPH Senior Consultant, SCPMG Administration, Kaiser Permanente
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

School-Wide Wellness

Comprehensive Wellness Policies: Using the Coordinated School Health Model
San Diego Unified School District adopted the Coordinated School Health model to develop a comprehensive Wellness Policy to address mental health, school climate, and staff wellness. Learn about this model and how you can implement something similar.
Presenters: Michelle Bell, RN, BSN, MA Ed. – Nursing & Wellness Program Manager, San Diego Unified School District; Patrice Breslow, RCSN – Program Nurse, Wellness/PowerSchool/EZ Track, San Diego Unified School District; Kat Greenway, RN – Special Projects Nurse, San Diego Unified School District
Resources: San Diego Unified Framework for Wellness; SDUSD H-7700 Student Wellness; Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program Framework, School Wellness Committee Toolkit, School Wellness Councils Parent/Family Tip Sheet, and Active Schools/Active Minds Tip Sheet.

Linking Health & Education Needs: Conducting a School Health Services Needs Assessment
A comprehensive needs assessment is critical to effectively identify and prioritize school health assets and challenges. Explore Alameda County’s School Health Services Needs Assessment Toolkit, including overall approach, instruments, and engagement strategies, using Livermore School District as a case study.
Presenters: Jamie Harris, Ed. M – Coordinator, Capacity Building & Community Schools, Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency; Catherine Arthur, RN, FNP – District/School Nurse, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District; Eric Yuan, MS in Counseling Psychology – School and Community Health Services Coordinator, Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency
Resources: PowerPoint Handout

Strengthening & Sustaining School Health Initiatives: A Framework & Toolkit
Learn how Alameda County and its partners have created and sustained comprehensive school health initiatives with 26 SBHCs and behavioral health services in over 160 schools. Explore their new School Health Works website full of tools to help you make the case, and build the programs that link health and education for equity in your community.
Presenters: Tracey Schear, MSW, LCSW Director, Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency; Jamie Harris, Ed. M – Coordinator, Capacity Building & Community Schools, Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency
Resources: PowerPoint Handout

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Understanding Teen Sexual Health & Relationships: A Comprehensive High School Program
Sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies among adolescents continue to be a major public health concern.  Learn about a multi-component high school program to address teen sexual health, relationships, and behavior.
Presenters: Nicole Ressa, BA – Director, School-Based & Youth Education, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles; Michelle Horejs, MPH, CHES – Manager, School-Based Programs, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

Youth Engagement

Engaging Youth in School-Based Health Insurance Outreach
Learn about creative and sustainable student health outreach activities that increase student awareness and involvement in health insurance coverage outreach efforts. Develop lesson plans and get a better understanding of how to engage youth in outreach and enrollment at your school.
Presenters: Lorena Sanchez – Health Programs Coordinator, Children’s Defense Fund-CA; Christine Arostigue-Manson – Student Services Coordinator, Lynwood Unified School District
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

Youth Engagement 101: Implementing Student-Led Health Programs
Learn the benefits of student-led health programs as a way to increase visits to your SBHC. Find out what you need to know to engage youth at your school.
Presenters: Rosario Rico, MPH Health Program Coordinator, UMMA Community Clinic; Cynthia León – Project Coordinator, California School-Based Health Alliance
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation

Youth Engagement 102: How Students Can Educate & Advocate for Health
Learn about a youth development program that has been advancing youth-led health education for over 10 years. Identify how peer education programs contribute to the sustainability of SBHCs through increased access among students.
Presenters: Kale Jenks, Psy. D. School-Linked Services Manager , Alameda Family Services, School-Based Health Centers; Julie Gardner, B.S. Health Education and Youth Development Coordinator, Alameda Family Services, School-Based Health Centers
Resources: PowerPoint Presentation; Worksheet

Conference Recap | Photos | Program Booklet (PDF)


Advancing Equity in Education & Health Care  is presented by The California Endowment.