2016 Conference Workshops

Our 2016 statewide school health conference – Advocating for Equity in Education & Health Care – will be held at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento on May 5-6.

Pre-Conference Workshops – Thursday, May 5

SBHCs 101: The Nuts & Bolts of Starting a School-Based Health Center
This workshop is designed for school districts, medical providers, or other community agencies interested in collaborating with school districts to provide services on campus or open school-based health centers. Learn about the planning stages, partnership building, needs assessments, SBHC principles, consents, MOUs, and certification considerations.
Presenter: Salina Mendoza, MS – Program Manager, California School-Based Health Alliance

Sharing Information: Appropriately Applying HIPAA, FERPA, & Other Confidentiality Laws
The appropriate sharing of information between educational and school health partners is essential, both to effectively serve students and families and to ensure legal compliance. What are HIPAA and FERPA and how do they apply to your work? When and how may schools share information with their health partners, and vice versa? How can parents, schools, and providers share information to improve health and educational outcomes? Use case studies to understand and apply major confidentiality laws. Get tools and strategies to improve collaboration.
Presenter: Rebecca Gudeman, JD, MPA – Senior Attorney, National Center for Youth Law

Creating Trauma Informed Schools & Classrooms
This workshop will offer a framework for educators, principals, and other school staff whose work involves students who have been exposed to childhood trauma. Learn about the concept of trauma-informed schools and practices. Hear about the diverse roles of school stakeholders and identify tangible methods one can apply to this work. Staff self-care and burnout prevention will also be discussed. Participants will engage in activities that integrate their professional and personal experiences, while exploring the biological and behavioral consequences of childhood trauma. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate and create an action plan for their school sites.
Presenter: Lara Kain – Senior Director, Transform Schools Project, Los Angeles Education Partnership; Erin Browder – Transformation Facilitator, Los Angeles Education Partnership

Conference Workshops – Friday, May 6

Health Equity

Connecting Schools & Health: Addressing Disparities to Improve Academic Success
Learn how a large urban high school is implementing a schoolwide assessment to address the most prevalent health disparities facing students. See how health programs that meet the needs of students are contributing to improved academic outcomes.
Presenters: Bonnie Trinclisti, MS, RN, FNP – Director of Adolescent Health Services, Native American Health Center; Jayme Mejia, RN, FNP, MSN – Nurse Practitioner, Native American Health Center; Louise Torrez, MA – Medical Assistant, Native American Health Center; Jessica Vu, ASW – Youth Clinical Social Worker, Native American Health Center

Building School-Based Support for Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth
The growing crisis of children immigrating without their parents or an adult guardian has profoundly impacted schools and school-based health centers. Learn about one county’s coordinated response and emerging best practices for supporting these young people.
Presenter: Jasmine Gonzalez, MA, MFTI, PPSC – Senior Clinical Case Manager, Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

Group Obesity Visits for Students of Color in SBHC Settings
Learn about a model for group health education and medical visits that is being implemented at three urban school sites. Changes in physical outcomes, self-efficacy, and health behaviors will be discussed.
Presenters: Naomi Schapiro, RN, PhD, CPNP  – Clinical Professor, UCSF, Family Health Care Nursing; Atziri Rodriguez – Clinic Manager, Native American Health Center; Mizan Alkebulah-Abakah, MPH – Clinic Manager, La Clínica de la Raza

We Are Reducing Oral Health Disparities!
Learn about a sustainable school-based oral health model that includes parents, teachers, students, nurses and multiple invested partners and is getting national attention by addressing disparities in oral health through a social justice lens.
Presenters: Maryjane Puffer, BSN, MPA – Executive Director, The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health; Frances Walsh – Oral Health Program Manager, The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health; Rebecca Dudovitz, MD, MSHS – Assistant Professor, UCLA, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

Healthy Students Make Good Learners: Connecting Kids to Coverage & Care
See how schools can connect children, families, and employees to health coverage and care. Learn about policy changes that impact children’s health coverage and resources that you can use to connect kids to care.
Presenters: Kristelle Jose – Campaign Program Associate, The Children’s Partnership; Maria Romero-Mora – Program Coordinator, California Coverage & Health Initiative

Working with LGBTQQIA Adolescents
Join us to learn more about a new toolkit designed for providers working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersexed, and asexual/ally adolescents. Participants will leave this workshop with new resources to use when providing clinical care.
Presenter: Sarah Rodriguez’G – MS, Coordinator/Director, Adolescent Health Working Group

Health Policy

Opportunities for School-Based Health in Health Care Reform
Learn about efforts to engage the health care system and sustain SBHC services beyond primary care visits. Hear about ways that SBHCs are benefiting health plans by managing chronic diseases, improving prevention and population health, and addressing social determinants of health.
Presenters: Serena Clayton, PhD – Executive Director, California School-Based Health Alliance; Lisa Eisenberg, MPP, MSW – Senior Policy Analyst, California School-Based Health Alliance

The End of the Free Care Rule … What Now?
Explore what the reversal of the “free care rule” policy, which opens new opportunities for Local Education Agencies to draw down Medicaid dollars, means for how schools participate in the greater health system delivery transformation.
Presenter: Erynne Jones, MPH – Medicaid Policy Consultant, Harbage Consulting

The California Healthy Youth Act: Understanding the New Sex Education Law
Find out what schools need to do to implement the new sex education law and how it will benefit students. Hear about opportunities for school health providers and the role of youth advocacy in moving this law forward.
Presenter: Phyllida Burlingame – Reproductive Justice Policy Director, ACLU of Northern California

Trauma & Healing

Creating Trauma-Informed Schools
Get a framework for educators, principals, and other school staff whose work involves students who have been exposed to childhood trauma. Learn about trauma-informed practices, biological and behavioral consequences of trauma, and staff burnout prevention.
Presenters: Lara Kain – Senior Director, Los Angeles Education Partnership; Erin Browder – Transformation Facilitator, Los Angeles Education Partnership

Listening to Heal: Building Beloved Community
This interactive session will present the findings and actions taken from a school-based and community-engaged inquiry process focused on the experiences of trauma, violence, coping, and healing for young people of color in Richmond.
Presenters: Kanwarpal Dhaliwal, MPH – Director of Community Health and Integrative Practice, RYSE Center; Joe Kim – Case Manager, RYSE Center; Brian Villa – Lead Community Health Coordinator, RYSE Center

Engaging Black Youth in Radical Healing: Social-Emotional Interventions at SBHCs
Learn strengths-based strategies that schools and school-based health centers can use to build resiliency and self-efficacy in Black youth. Explore culturally-supportive, youth-friendly operations from outreach and recruitment to staff professional development and school integration.
Presenters: Mizan Alkebulan-Abakah, MPH – Clinic Supervisor, La Clinica; Sizwe Andrews-Abakah – Co-Founder, Spearitwurx

Mental Health

Comprehensive School-Based Mental Health: A District’s Model for Prevention & Intervention
Hear about a tiered prevention and intervention model for comprehensive school-based mental health services. See how a multi-disciplinary team can meet the needs of students and families, promote mental wellness, and addressing adolescent substance use.
Presenters: Melissa Hurd, LEP, CWA – Coordinator of Mental Health & Outreach Services, Newport-Mesa USD; Joy Cleary, LCSW – School Social Worker, Newport-Mesa USD; Michelle Lepak, Ed.S., NCSP – Behavior Specialist, Newport-Mesa USD

Integrated, Accessible, & Sustainable Behavioral Health Services
Learn about a multidisciplinary clinical behavioral health model, strategies for effective integration, and methods for ensuring financial sustainability. Leave with a model for providing trauma-informed, integrated, and sustainable behavioral health services.
Presenters: Karen Gersten-Rothenberg, FNP – Lead Nurse Practioner, La Clinica de La Raza; Barbara Ruth Campbell, LCSW – SBHC Behavioral Health Supervisor, La Clinica de La Raza; Gabriela de la Torre, MCRP, MA – Planner, La Clinica de La Raza

Parents & Schools Partnering to Improve Student Mental Health
Learn about programs at schools for student mental health education and awareness. Discuss how schools can partner with parents to create a mental health support system for students, and hear about ways to reduce stigma and empower youth as mental health advocates.
Presenter: Beth Wolf – Director of Programs, National Alliance on Mental Illness – California

Youth Engagement

SBHCs as a Crucial Stepping Stone on the Health Career Pathway
One school-based health center is expanding its role beyond clinic walls to prepare students to enter health careers. Explore a unique partnership and discuss the school district’s role in facilitating student professional development.
Presenter: Ignacio Ferrey, MPH, MA – School Health Career Pipeline Coordinator, Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

Supporting Students to Lead a Healthy Relationship Revolution
Learn about how a rural high school youth leadership group contributed to two Central Valley projects addressing adolescent relationship abuse as an equity issue. The first engaged domestic violence advocates and healthcare providers, while the second engaged jobs developers and tech trainers.
Presenters: Alison Chopel, DrPH, MPH – Director; Robert Lee, MAEd – Program Manager; Ana Andrade, MA – Central Valley Program Manager, California Adolescent Health Collaborative; High School Youth Leaders

Increasing Clinic Utilization Through Youth Engagement
Learn sustainable best practices from a panel of experts on how to effectively engage young people in the programs and services your SBHC offers with the goals of increasing clinic utilization and building strong relationships with your school campuses.
Presenter: Molly Baldridge, MPH – Program Manager, Adolescent Health, California School-Based Health Alliance

Brave New World: Youth + Tech + Health
Interested in bringing technology into your adolescent health program but not sure where to begin? Find out about emerging, startling, and sometimes, simple technologies that can reach young people where they are. No tech savvy required!
Presenter: Laiah Idelson – Program Officer, youth + tech + health


Reducing Environmental Asthma Triggers for Kids at School
Asthma is the most common cause of illness among children in the U.S. and is the leading cause of school absences. Learn how school-based health centers can help kids reduce exposure to environmental asthma triggers.
Presenter: Anne Kelsey Lamb, MPH – Director, Regional Asthma Management and Prevention (RAMP)

School-Based Health Centers Kick Butts!
Find out how school-based health centers are training young people to lead tobacco prevention efforts. Gain tools to conduct a schoolwide tobacco needs assessment and resources to plan Kick Butts Day, a schoolwide tobacco prevention and advocacy day.
Presenters: Deanna Staggs – Clinic Director, Edison School-Based Health Center, Delta Health Care; Reginald Figgs – Community Schools Coordinator, Greenwood Academy, YMCA of the East Bay

Nutrition Education Tools for Schools & SBHCs
Learn about exciting new nutrition education tools and resources for schools and school-based health centers. Participants will also discuss the latest dietary guidelines and find out about research regarding the connection between good health and academics.
Presenter: Ashley Rosales, RDN – Manager of Policy and Opinion Leader Relations, The Dairy Council of California

Adolescent Health

Latest Trends in Expanding Access to Reproductive Health Care for Teens
Review best practices for providing quality sexual health care and discuss how school-based health providers can help students access services confidentially. Learn about screening, testing, treatment and latest trends.
Presenters: Erica Neuman, MS – Trainer & Project Director, California Family Health Council; Sylvia Castillo, BA – Manager of Public Policy & Community Engagement, California Family Health Council

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