Hallways to Health Initiative in California

Hallways to Health Site Coordinators

Coordinators from school-based health centers participating in Hallways to Health gather to share best practices.

We are proud to announce that we are entering the second year of the Hallways to Health Initiative, which is part of Kaiser’s Thriving Schools movement and promotes student-focused initiatives and workforce health.

We have been working in partnership with the national School Based Health Alliance to build the skills and practices required for school-based health centers (SBHCs) to facilitate improvements in health care and behavior among students, their families, and school staff.

This is the impact that Hallways to Health is having in California:

San Fernando High School SBHC

Students at San Fernando High School are enthusiastically attending cooking classes to learn how to make healthy and nutritious recipes for themselves and their families. Staff are also learning healthy habits with nutrition guidance information and exercise and stress management sessions being offered by the SBHC.

Rea Elementary SBHC (Costa Mesa)

Parents of students at Rea Elementary are getting involved in a nutrition and fitness programming, courtesy of the HOPE Clinic and their partnership with Dr. Reba’s health club. The HOPE Clinic’s approach to obesity prevention and treatment includes engaging students with a vegetable garden.

Rice Elementary SBHC (San Diego)

Parents and students at Rice Elementary School in San Diego are also benefiting from a nutrition education program, including cooking classes and education around healthy eating. The health center also increases opportunities for physical activity by hosting a well-attended student running club twice a week.

Kennedy High School (Richmond)

In Northern California’s Bay Area, the SBHC at Kennedy High School in Richmond has received a county wellness award for their breakfast in the classroom program. The SBHC is also working with the school administration to make sure all athletes can receive dinner at school after working up an appetite at afternoon practices.

Roosevelt Middle School (Oakland)

A partnership between the health center at Roosevelt Middle School and school staff will be bringing a Wellness BOOST curriculum to the health class of 28 7th and 8th grade students. Students will learn about a holistic approach to health and wellness.