Youth Programs

At the California School-Based Health Alliance (CSHA), we believe that young people should not only have a say in the way school health happens but also work to make it happen on their school campuses. That is why we have a long history of engaging youth in various programs. Click on the links to find out more about our current projects.

Youth in Action: Now You See Me Workshop

Interested in learning how you can engage youth at your school-based health center or in your school district? Check out our resources below.

Current Projects

California School-Based Health Alliance’s Youth Board

In 2007, five young people formed our Youth Board, a group of school health advocates from across California committed to the advancement of school-based health care. The Youth Board has continuously worked to provide technical assistance, advocate for school health policies and ensure that youth engagement is a priority locally, statewide, and nationally. Our Youth Board members bring experience in adolescent health, school health, and community organizing that energizes our commitment to youth voice in school health.

Y2Y Network

The California School-Based Health Alliance’s Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Network connects students across California who are working to improve student health through change in their school environment or with school-based health services. The Y2Y Network allows students to update each other on events happening on their campuses, keep in touch with other youth leaders, and stay connected to our organization and the statewide school health movement. This conference will be coming in 2021, stay tuned for more details.

TUPE: Tobacco Use Prevention Education Program

The California School-Based Health Alliance will be curating educational materials related to the prevention and education of tobacco, vaping, and marijuana. Our Youth Board will assist with research and identifying the most effective and youth-friendly materials that will later be shared on our website. As a part of this project we also plan to partner with organizations to provide trainings on tobacco, vaping, and marijuana prevention for SBHCs.

Resources for Practice