About Our New Name

Our New LogoWe became the California School-Based Health Alliance in January 2014.  Formerly known as the California School Health Centers Association (CSHC), we rebranded as part of a national strategy to lift the visibility of school-based health care.

What Is New & Why?

We have changed our name in partnership with the national School-Based Health Alliance as part of a national strategy to lift the visibility of school-based health care. The new brand facilitates:

  • Closer alignment with our national partner — the School-Based Health Alliance – to maximize shared campaigns, messaging, and national advocacy efforts.
  • A fresh clean look to reflect our expanded vision and to build visibility at the intersection of health and education.
  • An expanded vision that recognizes there are a variety of ways to bring health care to schools:
    • School-based health centers are still the ideal model for care delivery.
    • Every school has students with health needs, and for some it may be more feasible to expand mental health programs, offer dental screenings, or hold immunization clinics.
    • We are starting this support by expanding our focus on mental health programs.

What Is the Same?

Our mission, membership, programs, leadership, location, URL, and contact information are all unchanged.

What Does the California School-Based Health Alliance Do?

We are the statewide nonprofit organization helping to put more health services in schools by:

  • Advocating for public policies that make school health services an integral part of the health care and education systems.
  • Helping schools and communities start and operate school-based health programs.
  • Ensuring high-quality school health services through conferences, trainings, and technical assistance.
  • Raising the visibility of school-based health care with policymakers, educators, community leaders, parents, and students in order to generate interest and support.

Why Does This Matter?

Too many kids don’t have access to health care and face critical challenges:

  • 50% of teens don’t see a doctor regularly – even when they have insurance.
  • 66% of kids with mental health needs do not get treatment.
  • 20% are chronically absent, with low-income students far more likely to miss school.
  • 18% drop out of high school, with startling disparities by race, ethnicity, and gender.

School-based health helps kids stay in class and improves kids’ health.

What Can You Do?

Our strength is in our partnerships with educators, health care providers, and child advocates.

  • Tell your network about our new name and our continued commitment to bring health care to kids.
  • Become a member to support our vision of accessible health care for all kids in California.
  • Join us on Twitter and Facebook.