NPR: School Health Centers Offer Comfort, Privacy for Students

Students, parents and school officials at Lincoln High in LA say their SBHC, operated by St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, makes a difference in the lives of students in the classroom and in the community. Check out more of this news report from the Center for Health Reporting by following the links below.


Under the federal health care law, money is going out around the country to help school campuses boost health services for their students. In Los Angeles County there are more than 60 school health centers.

One of them is at Abraham Lincoln High School where students often visit a modest trailer at the back of the sprawling campus. It’s in a neighborhood near downtown L.A. where houses are missing windows and have peeling paint.

The small building houses a full-fledged community health clinic with doctors and nurses called St. John’s Well Child and Family Center.

Lincoln High senior Jonathan Keener says he started coming to the clinic last year for the same reasons a lot of other students do: safe-sex education.

He can come to the clinic on his own, without his parents.

“It’s a thin line having to talk to your parents about sex ed,” Keener says. “Parents will be like, oh…uh…ah. Right away, you know, they’ll just freeze. They’d rather be talking about what’s for dinner.”The clinic logs about 1,800 student visits a year. Students regularly duck in to grab pamphlets lining the walls about sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, and pregnancy. They can get condoms or birth control pills and see a doctor or dentist.
The students all say the same thing. They like the clinic because it’s confidential.
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