Yes Votes On Both Budget Initiatives Gives Schools Best Chance For Funding

CSHC’s Board of Directors has voted to endorse both education revenue initiatives that will appear on California’s November ballot. “California’s education system is already stretched too thin,” says Serena Clayton, CSHC’s Executive Director. “Supporting both propositions makes it more likely that some funding will get to schools, while choosing only one measure could result in both measures failing at the ballot. More money flowing into schools increases the likelihood that health and wellness programs will continue to meet the needs presented by students.” Proposition 30, Governor Brown’s initiative, would stop over $4.8 billion from being cut from K-12 education next year. Proposition 38, sponsored by Our Children Our Future, would raise new money specifically for K-12 education and help offset some of the $20 billion that has been cut since 2008. For more information see Educate Our State’s comparison chart and fact sheet on the importance of a yes/yes vote. The California Budget Project also has in-depth briefs on each initiative:  What Would Proposition 30 Mean for California? and What Would Proposition 38 Mean for California? (Oct 2012)

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