Moving Forward, No Matter What

School-based health care providers and those who advocate for the well-being of children and teens help hold our community.

This election has been a particularly divisive time, and as you work to care for students and their families, we will continue to support you and your work. We will work hard to uphold the gains we have made and build on them.

There is some really good news to share: the following key ballot measures passed that will provide critical support to our school children.

  • Proposition 55 will raise billions every year to fund K-12 schools.
  • Proposition 51 will bring in billions to fund school renovations and facilities upgrades.
  • Proposition 56 will tax tobacco sales and bring in extra revenue for Medi-Cal.
  • Proposition 57 will decrease the ability to try juveniles as adults in court.
  • Local soda tax measures prevailed in communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These are all wins for promoting student health and success in our state and we are hopeful that school-based health services will benefit from these new sources of funding.

We still don’t know what this week’s presidential election will mean for the federal policies that have improved the lives of children and families in our state.

Let’s remember that emotions may be running high among families of the children whose lives are changed by school-based health services. Students in our schools are fortunate to have you to help them address any possible stress. And again, as you support them, we are here to support you.

We will not back down from our commitment to helping communities across California bring access to mental and physical health care for all students at school, no matter what.