Clinical Interventions to Promote Nutrition and Fitness

The Role of Clinical Interventions

Overweight Children: The Role of Health Care in Prevention & Treatment

Since 1963, the number of overweight children in the U.S. has tripled. This presentation, developed by Kaiser Permanente to promote healthy eating and active living, addresses: the epidemic of overweight children; medical office visit interventions; weight management interventions; and environmental changes and physician advocacy.

Kaiser Permanente also offers other resources for addressing overweight and obesity.

Tools for Clinicians

Body Basics: A Toolkit for Adolescent Providers

The fifth module of the Adolescent Health Working Group‘s Provider Toolkit Series, Body Basics is designed for busy providers. It includes materials that you are free to copy and distribute to your adolescent patients and their families or to hang in waiting and exam rooms. Body Basics takes a closer look at the specifics of nutrition, physical activity, body image, obesity, and eating disorders among teenagers. It includes many resources, including:

  • Screening and assessment tools
  • Brief office interventions and counseling guidelines
  • Information and tip sheets
  • Health education materials for teens and their adult caregivers
  • Resources and referrals

Bright Futures Nutrition Family Fact Sheets

This series of fact sheets for families highlights content from the 2002 publication Bright Futures in Practice: Nutrition. The illustrated fact sheets, organized by developmental period, provide information in a question and answer format and are designed for parents and other family members.

DVDs for Children, Parents, and Healthcare Providers

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has developed a DVD to teach children and their parents about smart eating and physical activity, as well another DVD to educate clinicians about the best ways to prevent and treat obesity in children. Copies are available through the AHRQ Publications Clearinghouse.

Guidelines for Adolescent Nutrition Services

A resource for health professionals and educators, Guidelines for Adolescent Nutrition Services focuses on the biological, psychosocial and cognitive changes that begin during puberty and continue through adolescence.

Maternal and Child Nutrition Curricula

The Leadership, Education and Training (LET) Program in Maternal and Child Nutrition at the University of Minnesota has developed web based curricula on maternal and child nutrition related topics.  Available curricula include: