Funding Nutrition and Fitness Programs

The funding opportunities identified below are specific to programs promoting nutrition and fitness.  For more information about school-based health center funding, see CSHC’s Funding webpage.

Center for Weight & Health, U.C. Berkeley – Funding Resources

With a focus on children and their families, the Center for Weight & Health at the University of California at Berkeley provides leadership in finding evidence-based solutions to weight problems.  The Center’s website provides a list of funding opportunities, information about model programs,  links to dozens of organizations working in the field, and a variety of other resources for schools and their partners. Their toolkit, Children and Weight: What Communities Can Do, is designed to help communities bring people together and mobilize local resources to support children’s health.

The Finance Project: Guide to Financing Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs

The Finance Project created and published Financing Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs: Federal Funding Sources and Other Strategies. This guide provides a description of relevant federal funding sources. It also illustrates the potential of these funding sources and strategies for childhood obesity prevention with examples of creative initiatives in states and communities. While federal funding is not the only source of revenue for supporting obesity prevention strategies, these funds may help to launch, expand, or sustain promising approaches.