About AB 2706

Download the ALL IN Flyer for Families

WHAT: California Assembly Bill 2706 (Hernandez) requires schools to provide health coverage information in their enrollment packets at the beginning of the school year.

WHY: This bill takes advantage of the role schools can play in connecting children and families to health coverage and has the goal of increasing the number of uninsured children and families who enroll in health coverage.

WHEN: Beginning in the 2015 school year through 2018, public schools will be required to provide information to families about their health coverage opportunities and enrollment assistance.

HOW:  To fulfill the requirements of the bill schools can do one of the following

  • Send the ALL IN Family Flyer home with children in their backpacks.
  • Download the Family Flyer at www.allinforhealth.org/ab_2706. Develop your own informational item explaining basic information about affordable health care coverage options for children and families.
  • Amend an existing enrollment form with up-to-date health coverage information.

Learn about other ways that you can be ALL IN and connect children and families to health coverage. Visit www.allinforhealth.org or call (916) 844-2413.

Why Use ALL IN For Health Flyers

Since the implementation of the ACA, the California School-Based Health Alliance has partnered with the ALL IN For Health Campaign to equip schools with the tools they need to connect families to health coverage. Schools and school districts across California have used ALL IN outreach materials successfully, and ALL IN has informed millions of families about their health coverage opportunities.

ALL IN worked with the California Department of Education and Covered California to ensure materials meet the requirements of AB 2706. In fact, both CDE and Covered California are disseminating ALL IN’s family flyer or adapted versions to equip schools with the tools they need to implement AB 2706. Learn more at www.allinforhealth.org.

Download the ALL IN Flyer for Families