List of California School-Based Health & Wellness Centers

Here you can find our directory of school-based health and wellness centers in California.

A school-based health center is a student-focused health center or clinic:

  1. located at or near a school or schools,
  2. organized through school, community, and health provider relationships,
  3. that provides age-appropriate, clinical health care services on-site by qualified health professionals.

A school-based health center may provide primary medical care, behavioral health services, or dental care services on-site or through mobile or telehealth.

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County School-Based Health & Wellness Center School(s) Phone City Medical Mental Health Dental Prevention Dental Treatment Reproductive Health Youth Engagement Health Education
Alameda Castro Valley High School Wellness Center Castro Valley High School (510) 537-5910 ext. 3458 Castro Valley            
Alameda Dublin High School Wellness Center Dublin High School   Dublin          
Alameda Hayward High Health Center Hayward High School 510-690-6048 Hayward      
Alameda Alameda Family Services School-Based Health Center – Alameda Alameda High School (510) 337-7006 Alameda  
Alameda Chappell Hayes Health Center McClymonds Education Complex (510) 835-1393 Oakland      
Alameda Emery School Health Center Emery Secondary School 510.655.5444 Emeryville  
Alameda Hawthorne Health Center Urban Promise Academy Middle School & Achieve Academy 510-535-6440 Oakland    
Alameda Logan Health Center James Logan High School (510) 690-6044 Union City    
Alameda Youth Uprising/ Castlemont Health Clinic Castlemont High School (510) 428-3556 Oakland      
Alameda Roosevelt Middle School Health Center Roosevelt Middle School (510) 535-2893 Oakland
Alameda San Lorenzo High Health Center San Lorenzo High School (510) 317-3167 San Lorenzo    
Alameda Shop 55 Wellness Center Oakland High School (510) 879-1868 Oakland
Alameda Fremont Wellness Center (fka Tiger Health Clinic) Fremont High School (510) 434-2001 Oakland    
Alameda Berkeley High School Health Center Berkeley High School (510) 644-6965 Berkeley    
Alameda Techni Clinic Oakland Technical High School 510-450-5421 Oakland    
Alameda Tennyson Health Center Tennyson High School (510) 471-5880 ext. 3412 Hayward  
Alameda Alameda Family Services School-Based Health Center – CLCS Community Learning Center Schools (510) 337-7006 Alameda  
Alameda West Oakland Middle School Health Center West Oakland Middle School (510) 874-7272 Oakland
Alameda Madison Health Center Madison Park Business & Art Academy (510) 636-4210 Oakland
Alameda Seven Generations SBHC United for Success and Life Academy (510) 436-3009 Oakland
Alameda Havenscourt Campus SBHC Coliseum College Prep and ROOTS Academy (510) 639-1981 Oakland
Alameda Elmhurst Campus SBHC Elmhurst Community Prep School and Alliance Academy (510) 639-1479 Oakland
Alameda Skyline High School Health Center Skyline High School (510) 531-5016 Oakland    
Alameda Frick Middle School Health Center Frick Middle School (510) 639-3386 Oakland  
Alameda Youth Heart Health Center La Escuelita, MetWest, Dewey (510) 879-1572 Oakland    
Alameda Fuente Wellness Center San Lorenzo Unified School District (510) 481-4556 San Leandro
Alameda Piedmont High School Wellness Center Piedmont High (510) 594-2798 Piedmont        
Alameda Berkeley Tech Health Center Berkeley Technology Academy (B-Tech) (510) 644-6159 Berkeley    
Alameda Alameda Family Services School-Based Health Center – Encinal Encinal High School 5107484085 Alameda  
Alameda Barbara Lee Center for Health & Wellness San Leandro HS   San Leandro  
Alameda Rising Harte School-Based Health Center Bret Harte Middle School 510-485-5292 Oakland
Alameda Livermore High School Wellness Center Livermore High School 925-606-4812 x 2427 Livermore          
Contra Costa Contra Costa County Medical Mobile Van WCCUSD #2 Mobile Van 510-882-2991 Concord  
Contra Costa Contra Costa County Medical Mobile Van – JSU Mobile Van 510-882-2991 Concord    
Contra Costa Contra Costa County Medical Mobile Van – PU Mobile Van 510-882-2991 Concord  
Contra Costa Contra Costa County Medical Mobile Van – AU #1 Mobile Van 510-882-2991 Concord    
Contra Costa Contra Costa County Medical Mobile Van – AU #2 Mobile Van 510-882-2991 Concord  
Contra Costa Contra Costa County Medical Mobile Van – LU Mobile Van 510-882-2991 Concord  
Contra Costa Contra Costa County Medical Mobile Van – MD Mobile Van (925) 313-6189 Concord    
Contra Costa Sylvester Greenwood Academy School-Based Health Center Greenwood Academy (510) 231-1402 x23234 Richmond    
Contra Costa Coronado Elementary School SBHC Coronado Elementary School (510) 231-1419 Richmond    
Contra Costa Diablo Community Center: Mt. Diablo High School Mt. Diablo High School (925) 682-4030 ex.3477 Concord        
Contra Costa Ygnacio Valley High School Wellness Center Ygnacio Valley High School (925) 685-8414 Concord    
Contra Costa Helms Middle School Health Center Helms Middle School (510) 231-1423 x24348 San Pablo    
Contra Costa DeJean Middle School Health Center DeJean Middle School (510) 231-1430 Richmond        
Contra Costa Crespi Middle School SBHC Betty Reid Soskin Middle School Formerly: Crespi Middle School (510) 231-1447 X28360 El Sobrante      
Contra Costa Bay Point Family Health Center Riverview Middle School (925) 427-8297 Bay Point      
Contra Costa James Morehouse Project Health Center El Cerrito High School (510) 965-4401 El Cerrito
Contra Costa Hercules High School Health Center Hercules High School (510) 231-1429 x25261 Hercules  
Contra Costa Richmond High School-Based Health Center Richmond High School (510) 232-2656 Richmond
Contra Costa De Anza Health Center De Anza High School (510) 669-9956 Richmond    
Contra Costa JFK Student Health and Enrichment Center John F Kennedy High School (510) 307-4595 x 5 Richmond
Contra Costa Pinole Valley High School Health Center Pinole Valley High School (510) 231-1442 ext. 27316 Pinole    
Contra Costa Contra Costa County Medical Mobile Van WCCUSD #1 Mobile Van 510-882-2991 Concord  
Del Norte Open Door Mobile Dental Van   (707) 442-7078 Crescent City          
Del Norte Open Door College of Redwoods Site Del Norte High School (707) 465-1991 Crescent City      
Fresno Healthy Smiles Mobile Dental Foundation Unit 1   5592296437 Fresno      
Fresno FCEOC Community Health Center Many (559) 499-1690 Fresno    
Fresno Healthy Smiles Mobile Dental Foundation Unit 2   5592296437 Fresno      
Fresno Golden Plains USD SBHC Tranquillity High School (559) 693-2462 Tranquillity  
Fresno Fresno County Office of Education Health Van Mobile Van (559) 647-5553 Fresno    
Fresno Sequoia Middle School Migrant Clinic Sequoia Middle School (559) 457-3210 Fresno          
Fresno Kerman Unified School Health Center Kerman-Floyd Elementary School 559.364.2975 Kerman
Fresno Fresno  Rutherford B. Gaston School Health Center Rutherford B. Gaston 559-457-6970 Fresno        
Fresno Sierra Vista Children’s Health Center Sierra Vista Elementary Schoo (559) 327-7976 Clovis          
Fresno Jefferson Elementary School Health Center Jefferson Elementary School (559) 305-7358 Reedley  
Fresno Fresno Barrios Unidos SBHC Roosevelt High School (559) 453-9662 Fresno        
Fresno Fresno Unified Mobile Van Mobile Van   Fresno            
Fresno Parlier High School Based Health Center Parlier High School   Parlier  
Fresno Raisin City Elementary School Based Health Center Raisin City Elementary School   Raisin City      
Humboldt Redway Elementary SBHC Redway Elementary School   Redway            
Humboldt Mobile Healthcare Services SBHC     Redway          
Humboldt South Fork HS SBHC South Fork High School   Miranda        
Humboldt Sunny Brae Middle School Wellness Center Sunny Brae Middle School (707) 822-5988 Arcata        
Humboldt Pacific Union Wellness Center Pacific Union Elementary Middle (707) 822-4619 Arcata        
Humboldt Peninsula Union Elementary Peninsula Union Elementary 707-443-2731 Samoa        
Humboldt KTJUSD Wellness Center School-linked Wellness Center (530) 625-5600 Hoopa        
Humboldt Blue Lake Elementary School Wellness Center Blue Lake Elementary School   Blue Lake        
Inyo Bronco Clinic Bishop Union High School (760) 873-4275 Bishop          
Kern Jewett Avenue Wellness Center Stella Hills Elementary School (661) 631-5895 Bakersfield      
Kern Ridgecrest Mobile SBHC   (760) 499-3853 Ridgecrest        
Kern Center Street Wellness Center Many (661) 631-3206 Bakersfield    
Kern 4th Street Wellness Center Many (661) 631-3205 Bakersfield          
Kern South Chester Partnership Resource and Wellness Center Wayside Elementary School (661) 631-3203 Bakersfield      
Kern Wonderful Student Wellness Center Wonderful College Prep Academy – Delano Campus (661) 721-2887 Delano          
Kings Family Healthcare Network Mobile Medical Unit Martin Luther King Jr Elementary and others (877) 960-3426 Visalia
Lake Konocti Wellness Center Lower Lake HS (707) 995-5805 Lower Lake  
Los Angeles Palomares School Based Health Center Palomares Academy of Health Science   Pomona          
Los Angeles Diamond Bar High School Wellness Center Diamond Bar High School (909) 594-1405 Diamond Bar          
Los Angeles Nevin Elementary School  Dental Clinic Nevin Elementary School (323) 232-2236 Los Angeles          
Los Angeles New Lexington SBHC New Lexington Elementary   El Monte          
Los Angeles 97th Street Mental Health Clinic Charles W. Barrett Elementary (323) 754-2856 Los Angeles        
Los Angeles Accelerated SHC-S. Mark Taper Foundation Health Clinic Accelerated School (323) 235-6343 x120 Los Angeles    
Los Angeles Bell Cudahy Clinic LAUSD Mental Health Services Ochoa Learning Center (323) 869-1352 Cudahy          
Los Angeles Chavez Elementary School Clinic Chavez Elementary School (562) 435-8569 Long Beach  
Los Angeles COACH for Kids and Their Families Mobile Van (310) 423-9589 Los Angeles      
Los Angeles Columbus SBHC Columbus Middle School (818) 702-1200 Canoga Park    
Los Angeles Cortada Afternoon Clinic Cortada Elementary School (626) 452-9164 x3114 El Monte          
Los Angeles Sandy Segal Youth Health Center Culver City High School (310) 664-7667 Culver City    
Los Angeles El Monte District Health Clinic School-linked (626) 452-9164 x3114 El Monte          
Los Angeles Elizabeth Learning Center Wellness Center Elizabeth Street Learning Center (323) 908-4200 Cudahy    
Los Angeles Gage Wellness Center Henry Gage Middle School** (323) 589-0916 Huntington Park  
Los Angeles Gardena High School SBHC Gardena Senior High School 310.257.4989 Gardena    
Los Angeles Hamilton Middle School Clinic Hamilton Middle School (562) 531-7284 Long Beach  
Los Angeles Holmes Avenue School Health Center Holmes Avenue Elementary School (323) 582-7238 Los Angeles        
Los Angeles John Marshall High School Health Center John Marshall High School (323) 665-1129 Los Angeles    
Los Angeles Jordan High School Wellness Center Jordan High School** (323) 448-5915 Los Angeles    
Los Angeles Kennedy High School-Based Health Center John F Kennedy High School 818-271-2547 Granada Hills  
Los Angeles Los Angeles High School Teen Clinic Los Angeles High School (323) 361-2153 Los Angeles    
Los Angeles Maclay Health Center for Children Maclay Middle School 818-897-2193 x 50901 Pacoima    
Los Angeles Manual Arts High School Wellness Center Manual Arts High School 323-541-1600 Los Angeles
Los Angeles Metropolitan High School SBHC Metropolitan High School (213) 623-4272 x117 Los Angeles    
Los Angeles Michael Godfrey School Based Health Clinic Murchison Street Elementary School (323) 222-0148 Los Angeles        
Los Angeles Pacoima Middle School Clinic Pacoima Middle School (818) 834-6075 Pacoima
Los Angeles Partners for Healthy Kids Mobile Van (310) 257-3586 Torrance        
Los Angeles Potrero Late Afternoon Clinic (PLAC) Potrero Elementary School (626) 452-9164 El Monte      
Los Angeles Roosevelt High School-Based Clinic Roosevelt High School (323) 266-1513 Los Angeles  
Los Angeles San Fernando High School Teen Health Center San Fernando High School 818-898-3390 San Fernando
Los Angeles San Miguel Healthy Start San Miguel Avenue Elementary School (213) 763-8342 South Gate    
Los Angeles San Pedro Health Clinic Cabrillo Elementary School (213) 746-9866 Los Angeles      
Los Angeles Santa Monica High Teen Health Center Santa Monica High School (310) 395-3204 x310 Santa Monica    
Los Angeles Second Street Elementary School Based Clinic Second Street Elementary School (213) 765-2830 Los Angeles        
Los Angeles St. Johns Well Child and Family Center- Hyde Park Yes Academy: Hyde Park Elementary (323) 541-1600 x1100 Los Angeles
Los Angeles Sun Valley Health Center Sun Valley Magnet (818) 432-4400 x51101 Sun Valley  
Los Angeles Carson High School Wellness Center Carson High School (310) 221-6800 Carson    
Los Angeles St. Johns Well Child and Family Center- Dominguez High School Health Clinic Dominguez High School (310) 639-4321 x68351 Compton
Los Angeles Hilda Solis Dental Clinic El Sereno Middle School (213) 241-5691 Los Angeles        
Los Angeles Rose City Continuation High School SBHC Rose City Continuation High School (626) 795-9541 Pasadena    
Los Angeles St. Johns Well Child & Family Center- Lincoln High Lincoln High School (323) 541-1600 x4000 Los Angeles
Los Angeles Northam Elementary School Childrens Clinic Northam Elementary School (626) 964-4798 La Puente  
Los Angeles Central PTA Medical Clinic PTA Los Angeles 10th District (213) 202-7584 Los Angeles          
Los Angeles Health on Wheels   562-210-4410 Norwalk        
Los Angeles QueensCare USC Mobile Dental Program Mobile Van (323) 669-4333 Los Angeles        
Los Angeles Telfair Avenue Elementary School SBHC Telfair Avenue Elementary (818) 899-6113 Pacoima      
Los Angeles Ninth Street Elementary SBHC Ninth Street Elementary   Los Angeles            
Los Angeles Washington Prep Wellness Center Washington Prep High School 323-541-1600 Los Angeles
Los Angeles Belmont High School Wellness Center Belmont High School (323) 644-3885 Los Angeles    
Los Angeles MaCES Wellness Center Maywood Center for Enriched Studies   Maywood      
Los Angeles Jefferson High School Wellness Center Thomas Jefferson High School (323) 908-4200 Los Angeles
Los Angeles Fremont High School Wellness Center John C. Fremont Senior High School (323) 406-5782 Los Angeles      
Los Angeles Locke Early Education Wellness Center Alain Leroy Locke College Prep Academy (323) 420-2141 Los Angeles
Los Angeles Monroe High School Wellness Center James Monroe High School 818-763-8836 North Hills
Los Angeles Dorsey High School SBHC Dorsey High School   Los Angeles      
Los Angeles Crenshaw High School Wellness Center Crenshaw Magnet High School   Los Angeles      
Los Angeles Lennox Healthy Start Clinic Lennox School District office (310) 695-4000 Lennox      
Los Angeles Villacorta Elementary School Based Health Center Villacorta Elementary School (626) 919-5724 La Puente      
Los Angeles Garfield High School Wellness Center Garfield High School   Los Angeles    
Los Angeles Esteban Torres High School Wellbeing Center Esteban Torres High School Academies (323) 265-6700 Los Angeles        
Los Angeles Santee Educational Complex SBHC Santee Education Complex (213) 747-5542 Los Angeles    
Los Angeles Abram Friedman Occupational Center Abram Friedman Occupational Center (213) 747-5542 Los Angeles      
Los Angeles Westside Family Health Center Mobile Van Health Services Academy (310) 450-4773 Santa Monica      
Los Angeles JWCH Mobile Unit     Los Angeles            
Los Angeles Providence Little Company of Mary mobile unit     Torrance            
Los Angeles Bell Gardens High School Bell Gardens High School   Bell Gardens        
Los Angeles Oral Health Clinic at Mendoza Center Pomona Unified School District Mendoza Center   Pomona        
Los Angeles Quincy Jones Elementary School-Based Health Center Quincy Jones Elementary   Los Angeles        
Los Angeles Garvey School Based Clinic Arlene Bitely Elementary School (626) 298-8887 Rosemead    
Los Angeles South Gate High School Wellbeing Center Southgate Senior High School   Southgate          
Los Angeles West Adams Preparatory High School Wellbeing Center West Adams Preparatory High School   Los Angeles          
Los Angeles South East High School Wellbeing Center South East High School   South Gate          
Los Angeles Bell Senior High School Wellbeing Center Bell Senior High School   Bell          
Los Angeles Reseda Senior High School Wellbeing Center Reseda High School   Reseda          
Los Angeles John H. Francis Polytechnic High School Wellbeing Center John H. Francis Polytechnic High School   Sun Valley          
Los Angeles Chatsworth Charter High School Wellbeing Center Chatsworth Charter High School   Chatsworth          
Los Angeles Arleta High School Wellbeing Center Arleta High School   Arleta          
Los Angeles Sylvia Méndez Wellness Center Felícitas and Gonzalo Méndez High School (323) 981-5400 Los Angeles  
Los Angeles Theodore Roosevelt Wellness Center Theodore Roosevelt High School   Los Angeles    
Madera Matilda Torres School Health Center Matilda Torres High School (559) 664-4000 Madera
Madera Madera South School Based Health Center Madera South High School 559-664-4000 Madera
Marin Novato Teen Clinic Novato High School, San Marin High School, Marin Oaks (415) 985-5012 Novato      
Marin Teen Tuesday Health Services San Rafael HS (415) 258-4944 San Rafael    
Marin Archie Williams High School Wellness Center Archie Williams High School (415) 458-3400 San Anselmo        
Marin Redwood High School Wellness Center Redwood High School   Larkspur            
Marin Tamalpais High School Wellness Center Tamalpais High School (415) 380-3500 Mill Valley        
Marin Terra Linda High School Wellness Center Terra Linda High School 415-492-3100 San Rafael        
Mariposa Mariposa County SBH Mobile Unit   209-742-0250 Mariposa
Merced Wolves Wellness Center Livingston High School (209) 850-2003 Livingston  
Monterey Harden Middle School Wellness Center Harden Middle School (831)796-7300 Salinas          
Monterey Everett Alvarez High School Wellness Center Everett Alvarez High School (831)796-7800 ext 2479 Salinas          
Monterey SPLG-Community Oral Health Services (Mobile #3) Alisal Community School (831) 728-0222 Watsonville          
Monterey Alisal High School Health Center Alisal High School 831-796-7600 Salinas            
Monterey Washington Middle School Wellness Center Washington Middle School (831) 796-7000 x1402 Salinas            
Monterey North Salinas High School Health Center North Salinas High School (831) 796-7500 Salinas            
Monterey La Paz Middle School Wellness Center La Paz Middle School (831) 796-7900 Salinas            
Monterey El Sausal Middle School Wellness Center El Sausal Middle School (831) 796-7200 Salinas              
Napa Harvest Middle School Wellness Center Harvest Middle School (707) 259-7718 Napa        
Napa American Canyon Middle School Wellness Center American Canyon Middle School (707) 557-8318 American Canyon        
Napa Silverado Middle School Wellness Center Silverado Middle School (707) 253-3688 Napa        
Napa Redwood Middle School Wellness Center Redwood Middle School (707) 253-3410 Napa        
Napa Vintage Wellness Center Vintage High School 707-253-4497 Napa          
Napa Napa High School Wellness Center Napa High School 707-253-3711 Napa        
Orange Anaheim High School Health Center Anaheim High School 714-999-0814 Anaheim          
Orange Danbrook Neighborhood Resource Center Danbrook Elementary School (714) 228-3235 Anaheim        
Orange Topaz Elementary School Based Health Center Topaz Elementary School (714) 579-1548 Fullerton          
Orange HOPE Clinic Rea Elementary School / BESST Center 949-515-6725 Costa Mesa    
Orange SOS El Sol Wellness Center El Sol Science and Arts Academy (949) 270-2100 Santa Ana      
Orange Valley High School Dental Clinic Valley High School (714) 241-6410 Santa Ana          
Orange Healthy Smiles of Orange County Dental Mobile Van     Garden Grove        
Orange Central City Community Health Center Mobile Van   714-309-5046 Anaheim    
Placer Victory High School Wellness Center Victory High School   Rocklin            
Placer Lincoln High School Wellness Center Lincoln High School   Lincoln            
Placer Glen Edwards Middle School Wellness Center Glen Edwards Middle School   Lincoln            
Placer Alta Vista School Wellness Center Alta Vista Elementary School   Auburn            
Placer Auburn School Wellness Center Auburn Elementary School   Auburn            
Placer Skyridge School Wellness Center Skyridge Elementary School   Auburn            
Placer Rock Creek School Wellness Center Rock Creek Elementary School   Auburn            
Placer Spanger School Wellness Center Spanger Elementary School   Roseville            
Placer Sargeant School Wellness Center Sargeant Elementary School   Roseville            
Placer Buljan School Wellness Center Buljan Middle School   Roseville            
Placer Colfax School Wellness Center Colfax K-8 School   Colfax            
Riverside San Jacinto Health Center SBHC San Jacinto High School (951) 487-8506 San Jacinto        
Riverside Desert Hot Springs Health and Wellness Center Palm Springs Unified School District (760) 251-0044 Desert Hot Springs          
Riverside Sherman Indian School Clinic Sherman Indian Boarding School 951-509-8780 Riverside
Riverside Centro Medico Oasis Oasis Elementary (760) 397-2501 Thermal      
Riverside Centro Medico Coachella Coachella Valley High (760) 397-4526 Thermal    
Riverside CAREspace Riverside  Arlington Regional Learning Center Arlington Regional Learning Center (951) 276-2273 Riverside          
Riverside CAREspace Riverside Grindstaff Community School Grindstaff Community School (951) 276-2273 Riverside            
Riverside CAREspace Perris Val Verde Regional Learning Center Val Verde Regional Learning Center (951) 276-2273 Perris            
Riverside CAREspace Murrieta David L. Long Regional Learning Center David L. Long Regional Learning Center (951) 276-2273 Murrieta            
Riverside CAREspace San Jacinto Betty G. Gibbel Regional Learning Center Betty G. Gibbel Regional Learning Center (951) 276-2273 San Jacinto            
Riverside CAREspace Indio Don F. Kenny Regional Learning Center Don F. Kenny Regional Learning Center (951) 276-2273 Indio            
Riverside CAREspace Desert Hot Springs Desert Hot Springs Health and Wellness Center Desert Hot Springs Desert Hot Springs Health and Wellness Center (951) 276-2273 Desert Hot Springs            
Riverside Nuview Bridge Wellness Center Nuview Bridge Early College High School   Nuevo            
Sacramento Pacers Take Space at Grant Union High Grant Union High School   Sacramento    
Sacramento Hiram Johnson School-Based Health Center Hiram Johnson High School (916) 277-6300 x1617 Sacramento        
Sacramento HOW-Health on Wheels-Elica Mobile Clinic Howe Elementary, Norwood Jr High, Encina High, Madison Elementary (916) 454-2345 ext. 857 Sacramento      
Sacramento Teri Burns Health Clinic Natomas High School   Natomas          
San Bernardino Alternative H.S. Wellness Initiative: Sierra High School Sierra High School (909) 388-6478 San Bernardino
San Bernardino Rialto School Based Clinic Rialto School District 909-820-8160 Rialto            
San Bernardino Pomona Community Health Center School-linked (909) 673-9125 Ontario  
San Bernardino Fontana Unified School District School Based Health Center   (909) 357-5000 Fontana      
San Bernardino Chino Valley Unified School District Health Center CVUSD Adult School (909) 628-1201 x 8935 Chino      
San Bernardino Morongo Basin Community Health Center Mobile Dental Program Mobile van   Yucca Valley          
San Bernardino Ontario-Montclair School District SBHC     Ontario          
San Diego Healthy Steps Mobile Unit   (619) 662-4199      
San Diego Escondido High School SBHC Escondido High School 760-291-4000 Escondido        
San Diego KidCare Express Mobile Van #1, 2, 3 Mobile Van (619) 515-2312 San Diego      
San Diego Monarch School Clinic Monarch School (for homeless youth) 619-235-0693 San Diego          
San Diego Palomar High School Health Clinic Palomar High School 619-662-4100 X 2082 Chula Vista    
San Diego Sherman Heights Family Health Center Sherman Elementary School (619) 515-2435 San Diego    
San Diego Hoover School Based Clinic Hoover High School 619-344-4538 San Diego
San Diego Rosa Parks Clinic Rosa Parks Elementary School (619) 282-6803 x1105 San Diego      
San Diego Southwest High School Health Center Southwest High School (619) 628-3670 San Diego
San Diego Granger Community Clinic Granger Junior High School 844-200-2426 National City    
San Diego Abraham Lincoln School-Based Health Center Lincoln High School (619) 266-6502 San Diego  
San Diego Rice Elementary School-Based Health Center Rice, Lilian J Elementary (619) 420-7071 Chula Vista      
San Diego San Ysidro Mobile Unit San Ysidro High School 619 662 4199 San Diego            
San Diego La Maestra Mobile Unit   (619) 280-4213 San Diego    
San Diego Central Elementary Health and Wellness Center Central Elementary 619 961-0814 San Diego    
San Diego Monroe Clark Middle School Health and Wellness Center Monroe Clark Middle School (619) 344-4200 San Diego        
San Diego Ibarra Family SBHC Ibarra Elementary School   San Diego      
San Diego James Potter SBHC James E Potter Junior High   Fallbrook            
San Diego San Pasqual High School Wellness Center San Pasqual High School (760) 291-6000 Escondido          
San Diego Orange Glen High School Wellness Center Orange Glen High School (760) 291-5000 Escondido      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Ruth Asawa School of the Arts 628-900-2810 San Francisco    
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Civic Center Civic Center Secondary (415) 242-2615 San Francisco        
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Independence High School Independence High School (415) 242-5000 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Hilltop Hilltop Special Services Center (415) 695-5606 San Francisco      
San Francisco Balboa Teen Health Center Balboa High School (415) 469-4512 San Francisco  
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Lincoln High School Abraham Lincoln High School (415) 242-2574 San Francisco    
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Downtown High School Downtown High School (415) 695-5849 x3301 San Francisco        
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Galileo High School Galileo Academy of Science and Technology (415) 351-3185 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Ida B. Wells High School Ida B Wells High School (415) 241-6332 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: John OConnell High School Wellness Center John OConnell School of Technology (415) 695-5719 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: June Jordan School for Equity June Jordan School for Equity (415) 452-4922 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Lowell High School Lowell High School (415) 242-2575 x3129 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Marshall High School Thurgood Marshall Academic High School (415) 920-5204 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Mission High School Mission High School (415) 241-6680 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Phillip & Sala Burton High School Phillip and Sala Burton High School (415) 469-4006 San Francisco    
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Wallenberg High School Wallenberg High School (415) 749-3416 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: SF International High School SF International High School (415) 695-5781 San Francisco    
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Academy of Arts and Sciences Academy of Arts and Sciences (415) 695-5755 San Francisco      
San Francisco SF Wellness Initiative: Washington High School Washington High School (415) 750-8521 San Francisco      
San Francisco Tenderloin Community School Tenderloin Community School (415) 474-2400 San Francisco        
San Francisco John O’Connell High School SBHC John McConnell High School (415) 695-5370 San Francisco        
San Joaquin Edison High School Health Center Edison High School (209) 444-8300 Stockton  
San Joaquin Stagg High School Wellness Center Stagg High School (209) 933-7445 x8486 Stockton
San Joaquin Franklin Health Center Franklin High School (209) 933-7435 x8220 Stockton  
San Joaquin Lawrence School Health Center Lawrence Elementary School (209) 331-8091 Lodi    
San Joaquin Cesar Chavez High School SBHC Cesar Chavez High School 209-933-7485 ext 8810 Stockton  
San Luis Obispo Arroyo Grande High School Arroyo Grande High School (805) 474-3200 Arroyo Grande        
San Luis Obispo Community Health Centers of the Central Coast Mobile Unit     Nipomo            
San Luis Obispo Shandon Wellness Center Shandon High 805 238 0286 Shandon          
San Mateo Daly City Youth Health Center School-linked (650) 877-5721 Daly City  
San Mateo Sequoia Teen Wellness Center Sequoia High School (650) 366-2927 Redwood City    
San Mateo San Bruno Student Health Center   650 624 3133 San Bruno          
Santa Barbara Community Health Centers Santa Maria High School Santa Maria High School 805-614-9275 Santa Maria      
Santa Clara Palo Alto High School Wellness Center Palo Alto High School (650) 329-3701 x6932 Palo Alto          
Santa Clara Franklin-McKinley Neighborhood Health Clinic Franklin McKinley School District (408) 284-2283 San Jose  
Santa Clara Gilroy Neighborhood Health Clinic   408-842-1017 Gilroy      
Santa Clara Independence High School Clinic Independence High School (408) 356-8412 San Jose          
Santa Clara Overfelt Neighborhood Health Clinic Overfelt High School (408) 347-5988 San Jose  
Santa Clara San Jose High School/ Neighborhood Health Clinic San Jose High School (408) 535-6001 San Jose  
Santa Clara Washington Neighborhood Health Clinic Washington Elementary School (408) 295-0980 San Jose  
Santa Clara MayView Community Health Center Columbia Middle School (408) 523-8150 Sunnyvale        
Santa Clara Mt. Pleasant HS Clinic Mt. Pleasant High School (408) 928-5250 San Jose          
Santa Clara Health Mobile   (408) 879-0110 Santa Clara        
Santa Clara Mobile Medical Services Valley Health Center Bascom   (408) 690-2106 San Jose          
Santa Clara Glen View Elementary School Clinic Glen View Elementary School 408-729-9700 Gilroy          
Santa Clara Yerba Buena HS SBHC Yerba Buena HS (408) 347-4752 San Jose  
Santa Clara Andrew Hill High School Clinic Andrew P. Hill High School (408) 347-4240 San Jose    
Santa Clara Silver Creek Clinic Silver Creek High School 408 – 729 – 9700 San Jose          
Santa Clara Gunn High School Wellness Center Gunn High School (650) 354-8253 Palo Alto      
Santa Clara Andrew P. Hill High School Wellness Center Andrew P. High School   San Jose            
Santa Clara Eliot Wellness Center Eliot Elementary School (669) 205-4300 ext. 121110 Gilroy          
Santa Clara Monroe Middle School Wellness Center Monroe Middle School (408) 556-0360 ext. 5086 San Jose          
Santa Clara Blue Ridge Blue Ridge Court School (669) 212-4522 Morgan City          
Santa Clara Hyde Middle School Wellness Center Hyde Middle School (408) 252-6290 ext. 84247 Cupertino          
Santa Clara Los Gatos High School Wellness Center Los Gatos High School (408)354-2730 #237 Los Gatos          
Santa Clara Luther Burbank Wellness Center Luther Burbank Elementary School (408) 295-1814 ext 7209 San Jose          
Santa Clara Castro Wellness Center Mariano Castro Elementary (650) 526-3590 ext. 1907 Mountain View          
Santa Clara Oak Grove Wellness Center Oak Grove High School (408) 347-6837 San Jose          
Santa Clara Aptitud Wellness Center Apitud Academy at Gross (408) 928-7650 x5644 San Jose          
Santa Clara Santee Wellness Center Santee Elementary School (408) 283-6454 San Jose          
Santa Clara Milpitas Wellness Center Milpitas High School (408) 635-2800 x3926 Milpitas          
Santa Clara Lairon Wellness Center Lairon College Prep Academy (408) 363-5775 San Jose        
Santa Clara LeyVa Wellness Center George V. LeyVa Middle School (408) 270-4992 San Jose          
Santa Clara Anderson Wellness Center Leroy Anderson Elementary (408) 573-4761 San Jose          
Santa Clara Lakewood Wellness Center Lakewood Elementary (408) 522-8272 Sunnyvale          
Santa Clara Sunnyvale Wellness Center Sunnyvale Middle School (408) 522-8288 Sunnyvale          
Santa Clara Ohlone Wellness Center Ohlone Middle School (408) 535-6267 San Jose          
Santa Clara Leigh High School Wellness Center Leigh High School   San Jose            
Santa Clara Saratoga High School Wellness Center Saratoga High School   Saratoga          
Santa Cruz Cesar Chavez Middle School Health Center Cesar Chavez Middle School (831) 761-7699 Watsonville      
Santa Cruz Pajaro Middle School Health Center Pajaro Middle School (831) 728-6238 Watsonville      
Santa Cruz Starlight Elementary School Starlight Elementary School (831) 728-6979 Watsonville          
Santa Cruz Mintie White Elementary School Health Center Mintie White Elementary School (831) 728-6321 Watsonville        
Santa Cruz Pajaro Valley High School Based Health Center Pajaro Valley High School (831) 728-0222 Watsonville  
Santa Cruz Live Oak School Based Health Center Live Oak Elementary   Santa Cruz        
Shasta Happy Valley Health Center Happy Valley Primary School (530) 357-2860 Anderson          
Shasta Shasta High School Wellness Center Shasta High School 530-241-4161 Redding            
Solano Elsa Widenmann Student Health Center Solano-Widenmann Leadership Academy (707) 556-8921 x56549 Vallejo    
Solano Jesse Bethel High School Clinic Jesse Bethel HS   Vallejo          
Sonoma Elsie Allen High School Clinic Elsie Allen High School (707)583-8777 Santa Rosa  
Sonoma Roseland Pediatrics Roseland Elementary School 707-578-2005 Santa Rosa    
Sonoma Casa Grande Casa Grande High School (707) 559-3484 Petaluma    
Sonoma San Antonio San Antonio Continuation High School (707) 559-7500 Petaluma  
Sonoma Forestville School Based Health Center Laguna High School 7078870427 Forestville
Sonoma Sebastopol School Based Health Center Analy High School 7078870427 Sebastopol
Sonoma Guerneville School-Based Health Center Guerneville Elementary School 707-262-9917 Guerneville        
Stanislaus Golden Valley Health Center: Hanshaw Middle School SBHC Evelyn Hanshaw Middle School (209) 576-4200 Modesto  
Stanislaus Golden Valley Health Center: Westley Charter School Grayson Westley Charter Elementary School (209) 894-3141 Westley      
Stanislaus Golden Valley Health Center: Robertson Road Robertson Road Elementary School (209) 576-4437 Modesto  
Stanislaus Golden Valley Health Center: Riverbank Riverbank High School (209) 574-1377 Riverbank  
Stanislaus Empire Elementary School Empire Elementary 209-522-1010 Empire  
Tulare Family Healthcare Network Mobile Dental Unit Allensworth Elem and others (877) 960-3426 Visalia        
Tulare Traver Health Center Traver Elementary School 559-737-4700 Traver      
Tulare Terra Bella Elementary School SBHC Terra Bella Elementary School   Terra Bella    
Tulare Altura Mobile Clinic Services- High Schools Tulare Union HS, Tulare Western High School & Tech Prep Academy (559) 686-9097 Tulare      
Tulare Mobile Clinic Services- Tulare City Unified School District   559-686-9097 Tulare      
Tulare La Sierra School Based Health Center La Sierra Military Academy (559) 733-6963 Visalia            
Tulare Woodville Elementary SBHC Woodville Elementary (559) 686-9097 Woodville
Ventura Fillmore Senior High SBHC Fillmore High School 805-524-6100 Fillmore            
Ventura Gateway Community School Wellness Center Gateway Community School (805) 437-1460 Camarillo          
Ventura Sheridan Way Family Resource Center Sheridan Way School (805) 641-5081 Ventura      
Ventura Buena High School Wellness Center Buena High School (805) 289-1826 Ventura          
Ventura Channel Islands High School Wellness Center Channel Islands High School (805) 385-2754 Oxnard          
Ventura Colina Middle School SBHC Colina Middle School (805) 495-7429 Thousand Oaks          
Ventura Sequoia Middle School SBHC Sequoia Middle School (805) 498-3617 Thousand Oaks          
Ventura Fillmore Middle School SBHC Filmore Middle School (805) 524-6070 Fillmore          
Ventura Hueneme High School Wellness Center Hueneme High School (805) 278-3111 Oxnard          
Ventura Matilija Middle School SBHC Matilija Middle School  (805) 640-4355 Ojai          
Ventura Fremont Academy SBHC Fremont Academy (805) 385-1539 Oxnard          
Ventura Moorpark High School Wellness Center Moorpark High School 805) 378-6305 Moorpark          
Ventura Dr. Manual M. Lopez Academy SBHC Dr. Manual M. Lopez Academy (805) 385-1545 Oxnard          
Ventura R.J. Frank Academy Wellness Center R.J. Frank Academy   Oxnard          
Ventura Fillmore High School Wellness Center Fillmore High School (805) 524-6100 Fillmore          
Ventura Isbell Middle School Isbel Middle School (805) 933-8880 Santa Paula          
Ventura Oxnard High School Wellness Center Oxnard High School (805) 834-1494 Oxnard          
Ventura Madea Creek Middle School Madea Creek Middle School (818) 707-7922 Oak Park          
Ventura Oak Park High School Oak Park High School (818) 735-3300 Oak Park          
Ventura Pacifica High School Wellness Center Pacifica High School   Oxnard        
Ventura Santa Paula Wellness Center Santa Paula High School (805) 525-4400 Santa Paula        
Yolo MLK High School Wellness Center MLK High School (530) 757-5425 Davis      
Yuba Wheatland High School Harmony Health Mobile Van Wheatland High School (530) 743-6888 Marysville      
Yuba Blazer Wellness Center – Lindhurst High School Lindhurst High School 530-741 6159 ext 2755 Olivehurst        
Yuba Wheatland Union High School District Wheatland Union High School 530-633-3100 Wheatland