The Campaign for #HealthyStudents

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The Challenge

More than 2 million students in California are living at or below the  federal poverty level. These children have many barriers to  accessing health care – including transportation, cost, and time. Without the health care they need, they are less likely to succeed – and that impacts all of us.

It just makes sense to offer health care to these kids where they are – at school.  But for more than 2,000 schools in California, there are not enough resources to address students’ physical and chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety, and stress.

The Solution

Healthy Students Learn Better California already has 243 school-based health centers offering high-quality health care to more than 257,000 children. With more school-based health centers, we can:

  • Increase health care access, by reaching students where they are – in school.
  • Provide a trusted, familiar environment for youth to receive care.
  • Enable schools to address students’ needs so they can be in class, ready to learn.

We Can Do It Together

We envision a future where preventable and treatable health conditions no longer are a barrier to the success of California students. Together we can achieve:

  • Improved vaccination rates and preventive care.
  • Better attendance rates and enhanced student achievement.
  • Increased access to quality physical and mental health services at school.

Please join us in asking for more school-based health care for all students in California!

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