How to Plan, Select and Implement an Electronic Health Record

The number, variety and complexity of Electronic Health Record systems in today’s market has made the search for a system quite complex and often intimidating for many organizations. Too often organization leaders will look at a few sales demonstrations and then make a selection. Unfortunately, that approach can result in a poor selection that does not meet the needs of providers and staff. Instead, a careful process for defining the specific needs, priorities, technical abilities and budgets, and evaluating those vendors best aligned with these requirements and constraints, will allow your organization to move knowledgeably and confidently toward the selection of an EHR system that will work best in your unique environment.

Below is a typical roadmap for planning for, selecting and implementing an EHR system.


The tip sheets found below are guidelines to assist your organization with planning for, selecting and implementing an EHR system.

Planning for Electronic Health Records

Assembling the Right EHR Project Teams – Tips for Success

Understanding the EHR Costs and Return on Investment – Tips for Success

Documenting Practice Workflows and Envisioning the Future – Tips for Success

Defining EHR System Requirements – Tips for Success

Selecting an Electronic Health Record Product/Vendor

Evaluating and Selecting an EHR System

Effective Demonstrations for Electronic Health Record Systems

Vendor Reference Checks and Site Visits

Procuring an Electronic Health Record System: Guidelines for Success

Implementing an Electronic Health Record – Tips for Success

Tips for Success #1: Project Management

Tips for Success #2: Implementation Planning

Tips for Success #3: Incremental Adoption of Electronic Health Records

Tips for Success #4: Medical Chart Conversion

Tips for Success #5: EHR System Implementation Testing

Tips for Success #6: Contingency Planning

Tips for Success #7: Staff Training

Tips for Success #8: Communicating with Parents About your EHR System

Tips for Success #9: Go Live Planning