Our Reports & Guidelines

Our reports offer best practices from SBHCs as well as guidance for maximizing health care services for kids at school.

Start-Up & Sustainability

Key Steps in Planning a School-Based Health Center

Recommendations for Sustaining School-Based Health Centers



Guidelines for School-Based Health Centers in California

Addressing the Reproductive Health Needs of Young Men

Attracting and Retaining Adolescent Patients

Measuring Adolescent Patient Experience in School-Based Health Centers

Practice Management and Electronic Health Record Systems: School-Based Health Center Requirements and Configuration Considerations


Models of Clinical Care & Health Care Reform

Policy Considerations for California Following Reversal of the Medicaid “Free Care Rule

Schoolwide Screenings: Best Practices for School-Based Health Centers

Integrating Adolescent Relationship Abuse Training & Harm Reduction Counseling in SBHCs

Making the Health Home Model Work for Boys and Young Men of Color

Integrated, Trauma-Informed Mental Health Care to Support Boys & Young Men of Color

Patient-Centered Medical Home: How California School-Based Health Centers Are Relating to This New Model of Care

Different Setting, Different Care: Integrating Prevention and Clinical Care in School-Based Health Centers

School-Based Health Centers and Health Care Reform

Teen Pregnancy Prevention at SBHCs: Challenges & Opportunities


Best Program Practices, Academic Success, & School Climate

How School-Based Health Centers Can Address Teen Dating Violence