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Become a Member of CSHCBy becoming a member of CSHC you help us realize our goal of bringing the convenience and comfort of school health centers to more kids in California. Join or renew now.

Your membership brings you the following benefits:

•  A discount on the regular registration rate at our annual statewide conference for up to 10 of your organization’s staff.

•  Three hours of technical assistance from our expert staff. Get guidance on expanding an SBHC, starting a youth leadership program, or serving a hard-to-reach population.

•  Access to regranting opportunities and our exclusive toolkits, including “HIPAA/FERPA Primer on Sharing Information” and “From Vision to Reality: How to Build a School Health Center From the Ground Up.”

•  Plus much more!

Individual memberships are also available. Your membership strengthens our voice as we advocate for kids’ health statewide and nationally. Join at a premium level and amplify our impact. Join or renew today!

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