Youth Health Workers

Youth Health Workers at Hercules High School

Youth Health Workers at Hercules High School

Building on the strengths of our past youth engagement work, the California School-Based Health Alliance (CSHA) is supporting the planning and implementation of a Youth Health Worker (YHW) Curriculum in six comprehensive school-based health centers in West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) high schools.

CSHA believes that school-based health centers are well-positioned to coordinate theirefforts with existing health career workforce programs in
their communities to promote health career pathways to underrepresented groups. SBHCs work closely with those who are underserved and offer opportunities for students interested in the health field.

Youth Health Workers (1)The YHW curriculum functions to train young people in public health concepts and link them to health career pathways. This project will build upon the robust health career pathways work happening in West Contra Costa by building the capacity of school-based health centers.

Click here for the Youth Health Worker Program summary.

The Curricula: Youth Health Workers (YHW) & Health Career Pathways at SBHCs

To strengthen the role of SBHCs in addressing the need for a diverse health workforce, CSHA created the Youth Health Worker and Learn, Meet, Practice Curricula for SBHCs to utilize in their youth development programming. The Curricula includes two sections.

The first, the Youth Health Worker curriculum, focuses on empowering students to advocate for the health needs of their peers through training them in public health concepts and SBHC best practices.

The second, the Learn, Meet Practice curriculum, exposes students to a variety of health careers available to them through the health professionals at their School-Based Health Center.

The curricula is available for members of CSHA only and can be downloaded from our password-protected Member Resources page. Not yet a member? You can join online here.