Past Projects

Y2Y Network

The California School-Based Health Alliance’s Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Network connects students across California who are working to improve student health through change in their school environment or with school-based health services. The Y2Y Network allows students to update each other on events happening on their campuses, keep in touch with other youth leaders, and stay connected to our organization and the statewide school health movement.

Peer Health Insurance Rights Education Program

The California School-Based Health Alliance launched the youth-friendly Peer Health Insurance Rights Education (PHIRE) program in the fall of 2012 to engage young people in learning about new health insurance options under health care reform. PHIRE trained high school students to be peer educators so they can speak with other youth about health care reform and health insurance.

OUSD Youth Wellness

The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Youth Wellness Champions was a program that supported school site leadership and partnership around health and wellness. In support of OUSD’s Pathway to Excellence Strategic Plan to service the whole child and the newly-revised OUSD Wellness Policy, the Youth Wellness Champions facilitated groups of youth from Oakland high schools and middle schools to coordinate wellness campaigns on their school campuses.