Federal Policy Statement

Statement Affirming Our Commitment to Health Care, Education, and Inclusion

The California School-Based Health Alliance’s mission is to improve the health and academic success of children and youth by advancing health services in schools. We promote healthy children, successful students, equity, and access. We are committed to creating and supporting strong systems where our children thrive. At CSHA we believe:

  1. Access to healthcare is a right. Health care must be affordable, comprehensive, and culturally-relevant. We remain committed to protecting access for all students to the primary and mental care needed to foster their health and wellness. With recent threats to the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, it is more important than ever to assure access to health care for all Californians. We stand with our students, their families, and staff from our schools and school-based health centers to do work alongside other associations and groups to coordinate, mobilize, and advocate for access to healthcare for all.
  2. Public schools are the backbone of our society. We affirm that to build an equitable society, it is necessary to break down barriers to learning. Our network of public schools must be well resourced to support the whole child, promote educational equity, and finally eliminate the opportunity gap. California has made significant gains to align our funding with values of equity and, with our state and advocacy partners, CSHA will continue to lead the way in recognizing that society succeeds when children’s physical, emotional, social, and academic needs are addressed and embraced.
  3.  Schools and communities must be safe and inclusive places for children and families. We know that children thrive when their schools are vibrant centers of learning, challenging them to discover and grow while providing physical and emotional safety. Students and their families must know that when they enter school grounds, they will be free from fear of violence and from the threat of immigration actions or religious, racial, gender or any other form of persecution. Equally importantly, students and their families should know that schools will provide access to the educational, emotional, and medical supports they need.

School health services and school-based health centers have embodied these values for decades… for us, our students come first. 

We will be vigilant in monitoring, analyzing, and sharing current information about changes in policies that will in any way impede our students’ access to health care or schools, and will join with you to advocate for the full and equitable access to health care that is foundational to our mission.