Our Work

Addressing Trauma in Oakland Schools

We are working with 15 school-based health centers (SBHCs) in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) to expand and enhance their work on trauma-informed healing practices. Through this project, SBHCs will implement new ways to screen students for trauma, improve connections to care for students who are impacted by trauma, and launch new trauma-informed support groups. We are coordinating this work with Alameda County Health Care Services Agency and OUSD. Learn more.
Funded by the San Francisco Foundation

Expanding School-Based Health in California’s Central Valley

School-based health centers are an especially ideal solution for the Central Valley region, where distances are greater, transportation is scarcer, and there are less community clinics. We are bringing together schools and health care providers in the Central Valley Region to build more SBHCs and expand services and technical capacity at existing centers. We are also supporting efforts to expand early childhood education and the ability of schools to partner with SBHCs to improve attendance. 
Funded by WestEd

Growing School-Based Health Centers Across California

California has more than 2,100 schools with students living in poverty and experiencing inadequate access to health care and in communities experiencing poorer health outcomes because of societal inequities. We are working with schools and communities across the state to increase capacity for starting sustainable school-based health centers. We are also creating resources to help schools implement sustainable mental health services in schools and to improve staff wellness.
Funded by Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit

As part of our effort to grow SBHCs, we are pursuing the following strategies:

  • Increasing the impact of SBHCs by providing technical assistance to existing sites to improve the quality of services, expand telehealth, and reform school discipline practices in concert with school administration.
  • Increasing the sustainability of SBHCs by expanding awareness of new funding streams for school-based health and mental health services, pursuing funding and technical support in partnership with state health and education agencies, and providing technical assistance on billing for school-based health services.
  • Expanding SBHCs by increasing partnerships, education, and technical assistance in regions with the most need for school-based health.
  • Increasing youth engagement by educating adult allies on youth engagement strategies for peer health education and advocacy, increasing the capacity for youth to advocate for school-based health centers in their communities, and expanding the number of communities using our resources to engage youth in improving health outcomes at school.

Funded by The California Endowment

Preventing Teen Pregnancy 

We are providing training, technical assistance, and support to seven school-based health centers across California to implement new strategies to prevent teen pregnancies. 
Funded by ETR

Preventing & Treating Youth Substance Use

We are working with schools in three regions to increase opioid use prevention strategies, screening methods, and intervention training to prevent youth opioid misuse and death. Prevention, screening, and intervention training and technical assistance to prevent youth opioid misuse and death. 
Funded by Youth Opioid Response California

We are providing youth peer educators at school-based health centers with knowledge and strategies they can use to prevent adolescent use of tobacco and marijuana through smoking, vaping, and e-cigarettes on their school campuses and in their communities. 
Funded by the California Department of Education Tobacco Use Prevention Education