Our Work

Some of our current projects include:

Youth Development

Youth Health Workers in School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs)

The Youth Health Workers program helps SBHCs address the need for a diverse health workforce. We provide curriculum for youth development programs and health career training for young people.
Multiple funders

Youth Board

Our Youth Board promotes youth engagement at SBHCs through leadership, advocacy, and networking opportunities.
Multiple funders

Prevention/Population Health

About Us – Sexual/Reproductive Health & Healthy Relationships

SBHCs use an intervention that supports young people in developing healthy relationships and using condoms and highly effective contraceptives if having sex.
Partnership with ETR; Funded by Family & Youth Services Bureau

Promoting SBHCs for Sexual/Reproductive Health Services

We train adolescent providers on sexual and reproductive health engagement, work with Title X funded SBHCs to promote their services to adolescents, and use social media to promote health education.
Funded by Title X with Essential Access Health

Mental/Behavioral Health

Expanding Mental Health Services in Central Valley Schools

Schools are building capacity to deliver high quality, trauma-informed mental health services through our training of school health providers, teachers, and student leaders.
Funded by Kaiser Permanente and in partnership with REL West at WestEd

ACEs Aware

We support SBHCs in the integration of ACEs screening into clinical practice. What is learned will support other SBHCs across the state with implementing screening.
Funded by the California Department of Health Care Services through a partnership with ETR and Futures Without Violence

Increase School-Based Behavioral Health Provider Skills

Two learning cohorts utilize the ECHO model for school-based behavioral health providers to address adolescent depression, anxiety, loneliness, and suicidal ideation.
Funded by CIGNA Health Foundation

Best Practices in Substance Use Prevention & Treatment

School-based health providers are provided tools to improve and expand access to substance use services, including Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for students, with specific projects focusing on tobacco, vapes, marijuana, as wells opioids and stimulants.
Funded by California Department of Education TUPE and Youth Opioid Response California

Substance Use Advocacy

We are advocating for non-punitive substance use intervention policies, as well as new revenue streams to help SBHCs implement substance use prevention and intervention programs with adolescents.
Partnership with Community Catalyst and funded by the Conrad Hilton Foundation


SBHC Behavioral Health Financing

We are developing local models to integrate SBHCs into managed care delivery systems with a focus on access, prevention, outreach, patient engagement, and chronic disease and case management.
Funded by the California Endowment

School-Based Health Center Start-Up & Expansion

Technical Assistance for SBHC Start-Up

We bring together community clinics, mental health providers, school districts and other partners to launch new SBHCs. There are now 346 SBHCs from just 108 in 2000. Our goal is 500 by 2030!
Funded by the California Endowment, Kaiser Permanente, and other funders

Technical Assistance for SBHC Quality Improvement

California participants of the national Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) gain quality improvement skills and strategies to increase well-child visits, depression screening, consent rates, and telehealth visits.
Stipends for participating sites sponsored by the California Department of Public Health

Central Valley & Inland Empire SBHC Coalitions

School-based health is expanding in both regions and we provide partners with opportunities to network and get support for starting and expanding SBHCs.
Funded by the California Endowment and Kaiser Permanente