Policy Updates

In addition to tracking and working on legislation, the California School-Based Health Alliance works closely with state and federal policymakers to advance legislation, administrative policies, and regulations that support school-based health services. Updates on policy changes that we are tracking and leading are included here.

CSHA Sponsors SBHC Bill

The California School-Based Health Alliance is sponsoring a bill and budget strategy to expand and improve school-based health centers (SBHCs) in California. AB 1940 (Salas) updates and modernizes the existing grant program in state law to meet the current needs of California’s SBHCs.

AB 1940:

  • Clarifies the definition of “school-based health center” in statute,
  • Increases the grant amounts for Facilities & Start-up grants, and
  • Adds a new Expansion grant category for existing SBHCs.

Request for $100 Million Investment in SBHCs

Despite unprecedented funding for student support and health services in the 2021-22 state budget, none of the funding directly supports SBHCs, and California has never directly funded SBHCs – unlike many other states. That’s why, with Assembly member Salas and other legislative champions, we are requesting a one-time, $100 million investment in SBHCs. This funding would support approximately 200 grants to launch and build new SBHCs or expand care at existing SBHCs.