About Us

The California School-Based Health Alliance is the statewide nonprofit organization helping to put more health services in schools.

Our Mission

The California School-Based Health Alliance aims to improve the health and academic success of children and youth by advancing health services in schools.

Our Goals

Healthy Children. Too many children come to school every day suffering from conditions that seriously impact their ability to learn and succeed.

Successful Students. Healthy students miss fewer classes, are less likely to drop out and have a better chance of success in school and beyond.

Equity and Access. School-based health centers (SBHCs) offer services in a place that is familiar, trusted, age-appropriate, and convenient for all students and families – in school.

Our Work

  • Keep Kids Healthy. Our technical assistance helps schools and communities put health care where kids are – at school.
  • Provide Quality Care. Our conference, webinars, tool kits, and technical assistance help SBHCs offer high quality, age-appropriate care to kids.
  • Increase Quality of SBHCs. Our experts analyze the scope and impact of SBHCs. We freely share best practices so kids can get the best care.
  • Influence State Laws and Policies. We advocate for policies that improve access to high quality care for kids by making SBHCs an integral part of the health care and education systems.

Our Impact

A Parent’s Perspective

“Before my son visited the school-based health center, he used to get teased for being overweight. He responded with angry outbursts and would eat more to cope with the stress. Then he started going to the SBHC, where clinic staff and a mental health counselor teamed up with my son’s teacher to provide us with a nutrition and exercise plan. My son has lost a lot of weight and is no longer angry. We cook healthier meals, snack better, and stay active together.”

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We are supported by private foundations, donations, and organizational and individual members. We are a state affiliate of the national School-Based Health Alliance in Washington, D.C. You can support our work for school-based health by becoming a member.