Schoolwide Screenings

School-based health centers (SBHCs) throughout California are continually working to evolve their practices to better serve students. One of the best practices identified by the California School-Based Health Alliance (CSHA) is the use of schoolwide or grade level screenings, which allow SBHCs to use their unique location on the school campus to provide education, population health, and prevention.

This toolkit is designed to help SBHCs implement a schoolwide or grade-level screening.

Benefits of Conducting Schoolwide Screening

Schoolwide screenings conducted in SBHCs can be used to screen large populations of students and provide an opportunity to expand reach to new students, enhance collaboration between SBHCs and schools, increase student awareness of SBHCs, and support the financial stability of SBHCs.

Goal of Screening

Identifying the goal for implementing a schoolwide screening program at a SBHC during the planning phase is essential to success. Consider the following potential goals for implementing a screening program.

Target Population

After clarifying the Goals and Objectives of your screening program, the population you intend to reach should be defined.

Screening Recommendations

Universal screening can identify many diseases and health conditions in children. Survey tools may vary.

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The information in this online toolkit is adapted from the Population-Wide Screenings in Schools Guide: A publication of UCSF and Family Health Together. We are grateful to our partners at ETR for funding and the UCSF School of Nursing for creating this content: Naomi Schapiro, RN, PhD, CPNP; Emily Green, RN, PhD; Victoria F. Keeton, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC; and Ivette Gutierrez, M.A.

We would like to also acknowledge Alameda County Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Oakland Unified School District, La Clínica de la Raza, Native American Health Center, Lifelong Medical, Karen Gersten-Rothenberg, and Joanna Bauer for their contributions to this toolkit.

The photos used throughout the toolkit were taken by Randall Ann Homan.