Section 2: Equity & Anti-Racist School Mental Health

It is critical to address the systemic racism that students, families, and communities experience. School mental health sits between two structures and systems – education and health care, particularly mental health care – that have deep histories in racist practices and structural biases. Many of which still exist today and because of this, each action or decision made must be actively anti-racist in order for our initiative to achieve equity.

While this is a separate section to highlight the importance, using an anti-racist and equity lens is integral and needs to be woven into every aspect of implementing school mental health.

Addressing equity and creating anti-racist schools and school-based services is deep, challenging, ongoing work. This is not one step or one section in the process of building school mental health programs and services.

These are values, practices, critical conversations, and lifelong learning and humility that must be knitted throughout our school mental health partnerships, planning, and implementation.

Most importantly, consideration must be given to integrate this hard work from the beginning and on an ongoing basis.


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