Youth Board

Mission Statement:
The California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board aims to amplify youth engagement and access to school-based health through leadership, advocacy, and empowerment throughout California.


In 2007, five young people formed our Youth Board, a group of school health advocates from across California committed to the advancement of school-based health care. The Youth Board has continuously worked to provide technical assistance, advocate for school health policies and ensure that youth engagement is a priority locally, statewide, and nationally. Our Youth Board members bring experience in adolescent health, school health, and community organizing that energizes our commitment to youth voice in school health.

Youth Board members shown meeting on Zoom.

Meet the Youth Board 

Dakota Bodell

Dakota is serving her second year on the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. She is a second year student at the University of California, Berkeley, double majoring in Political Science and African American Studies. Dakota created presentations at her high school to show students where and how they could access various healthcare services for free, or at minimal costs. Dakota also has worked with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and advocated against the mistreatment of people with disabilities through “Ability Awareness” presentations. Dakota is excited to empower students and increase their access to quality healthcare with the help of the California School-Based Health Alliance.

Daniel Correa Bucio

Daniel is a second-year member of the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. Daniel is a sophomore currently attending the University of California, Berkeley. He is an intended Integrative Biology major and considering a minor in Chicano Studies and Dance. In efforts to promote public health, Daniel was part of a problem gambling awareness program called Betting On Our Future (BOOF). BOOF is youth-led initiative to inform the community about treatment and prevention for problem gambling through media projects. Through BOOF, Daniel learned to use digital media to promote health and collaborate with passionate like-minded individuals. Daniel is a board member for Chicanx/Latinx in Health Education (CHE), a pre-health advising program at UC Berkeley. He also volunteers with Markstein Cancer Education and Prevention Services at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center under the cancer prevention program. As a certified EMT, Daniel is also a part of Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC), where he volunteers his services to the community. He hopes to graduate from UC Berkeley and enroll in dental or medical school in pursuit of a career as a dentist or doctor. He also wants to use his resources to give back to his community and empower youth.  

Andrea Gutierrez

Andrea is a first-year member of the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. She is currently a junior standing at California State University, Northridge majoring in public health with an interest in lactation education as well as child and adolescent development. In high school, she was a part of several clubs, such as the School Site Council, and helped start the Principal’s Advisory Club. She wanted to ensure that students had a voice and took part in decision-making that would affect them. She also volunteered time in political campaigns, one of which was for a running candidate for the Los Angeles School Board District. She wanted to support an individual who is passionate about creating positive change for children in schools, even in low income neighborhoods. She works at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in the dietary department, gaining experience with patient care. Andrea is excited to see what this year on the Youth Board brings.

Nydia Hernandez

Nydia is a first-year member of the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. She is in her first semester at Fresno City College working on her general ed. She is set to transfer to Fresno State University where she will major in political science and advocacy. In high school, she faced many injustices that later led her to where she is today. Her passion for youth advocacy began when she became a teen parent. Because she was a teen parent, she was treated poorly in the school system. Noticing the injustices teen parents were facing, she began to organize other students on campus to demand fair accommodations for teen parents on campus. She also spoke at School Justice forums regarding the School-to-Prison Pipeline. She wants to ensure that youth have a voice and equal opportunities regardless of their skin color. She also wants to ensure that youth are getting proper health care in and out of school regardless of their situations. She aspires to become a youth advocate for students in high school and for teen parents. She wants to inspire them to uplift their voices to fight against injustice.

Gabriella Herrera

Gabriella is a first-year member of the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. She is currently a first-year student at the University of California, Berkeley, intending to major in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Genetics. Gabriella is driven by a deep passion and sense for change and evolvement in the community. She has attended youth conferences for her HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) chapter in high school including a mental health youth conference. Gabriella also wrote a letter to the California Board of Education to continue to provide the healthcare pathway and add more to the health sciences pathway for the new high school that was built in her community. She is passionate about serving her community. She has been a volunteer at Valley Children’s Hospital and has completed clinical hours at two senior living centers and is now a Certified Nursing Assistant. She hopes to graduate from Berkeley and attend a medical school to pursue her dream of becoming a pediatric cardiologist.

Lujayn Megally

Lujayn is a first-year member of the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. She is currently a sophomore at Clovis Community College, with plans of transferring to a University of California campus to earn her bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in public health. She hopes to enroll in a medical school after earning her bachelor’s degree to pursue a career as a physician. At her community college, Lujayn got involved in several clubs. She is president of the Pre-Professional Health Club and the American Medical Women’s Association, where she informs members of educational and social opportunities for learning about health career paths. She is also secretary of the Muslim Student Association where she works in a team to raise funds towards humanitarian relief organizations. She also enjoys volunteering her free time at Saint Agnes Medical Center. Lujayn is passionate about making a positive impact in her community and advocating for the community’s physical and mental wellness. She hopes to one day be able to work towards her vision of making affordable healthcare accessible to all. Lujayn is excited to advocate for and empower students to gain increased access to healthcare resources with the support and help of the California School-Based Health Alliance.

Stephanie Ocampo

Stephanie is a first-year member of the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. She is a third-year student currently attending California State University Fresno double majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. Stephanie’s intense passion for education reform has led her to many great professional opportunities through her years in college including political, news media, and non-profit internships. She is currently the Student Outreach Coordinator with the David Paredes for Fresno Unified School District Campaign. She is also interning at the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission, a non-profit organization that aims to serve and empower the Fresno community by having equal access to social justice, jobs, education, and resources. Stephanie believes in a better vision for education. A vision that will create protection for every student and will set a stronger foundation for academic success by implementing a higher quality of instruction and expanding opportunities for students across California. Stephanie is more than prepared to advocate for all students in California; she is aiming to bring real change to her community.

Meet Our Youth Engagement Associate

Irma Rosa Viera

Irma was formerly a part of California School-Based Health Alliance’s Youth Board for four consecutive years, and has now transitioned from Youth Board member to an official staff as the new Youth Engagement Associate. As a new dog mom and avid learner she is returning for her senior year at California State University, Northridge with plans of obtaining a Bachelor’s in Deaf Studies and with plans of a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. Irma is passionate about youth voice and elevating the voices of youth across all of California to lead us into a better and HEALTHIER future. After seeing firsthand the impactful role that school-based health centers have on students and their communities as a whole, she is hopeful and excited to continue expanding health advocacy with the support and help of the California School-Based Health Alliance and its allies. But most of all, she is excited to begin this new year working even more closely with our Youth Board and supporting their hopes and aspirations for this coming school year.