School-Based Peer-to-Peer Resource Hub

A collection of articles, tools, resources, and perspectives that support the planning and implementation of School-Based Peer-to-Peer Programs that support the well-being of young people.


This Resource Hub is designed to help schools and partner organizations as they seek to develop high quality, youth-centered, equity-focused peer-to-peer programs in schools. Our aim is to create a library of information and resources that can help schools easily access tools to advocate for, plan and implement peer-to-peer programs. These compiled resources showcase various approaches and models, illustrating the flexibility and adaptability of school-based peer-to-peer programs. Recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, we aim for this resource to empower your organization or school in delving deeper into peer-to-peer programs that bolster student well-being and strengthen the comprehensive school mental health system.

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