Grants Without Deadlines

These grants have been reviewed by staff to ensure applicability to school health programs and services. We are pleased to provide these targeted grant leads to help with your fundraising efforts. Please let us know if you are awarded any of these grants, and consider joining as a member of the California School-Based Health Alliance for additional resources, technical assistance, and more.

Grants Without Deadlines

Updated on September 2013 – Most Recently Added Grants Listed First

Youth and Community Engagement Grants– W.K. Kellogg Foundation

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is providing youth and community engagement grants supporting the following four areas; educated kids, healthy kids, secure families, and civic engagement.  Nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply. Grant awards vary.
Deadline: Rolling
To learn more, please visit the W.K. Kellogg Foundation website.

Education and Enrichment Youth Grants in Los Angeles County– Dwight Stuart Youth Fund

The Dwight Stuart Youth Fund is providing grants to projects or programs that provide direct services to underserved children and youth in the Los Angeles County. The funding area of Education and Enrichment are: before-school, in-school, and afterschool programs.  Programs that work to strengthen academic skills, give youth opportunities to participate in activities beyond their own community, and expose or provide instruction in arts and culture. Awards amounts vary.  Non-profit organizations operating in Los Angeles County are eligible to apply.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund website.

Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools -The Whole Kids Foundation

The Whole Kids Foundation in partnership with Whole Foods Market is raising money to fund salad bars in schools.  Register your school and spread the word to your community that they can donate to your schools salad bar funding through this campaign. All the money raised will go directly to the school programs in the community’s area. K-12 private and public schools are eligible to apply.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools website.

Building Clinic Capacity for Quality (BCCQ)- Community Partners

The objective of this project is to improve the quality of healthcare provided to Southern California’s safety net population by enhancing the capacity of community clinics to implement quality improvement strategies supported by health information technologies. This Program is expanding in order to provide more support for Southern California community clinics. BCCQ is now offering three series of quality improvement, process improvement and proactive care learning programs.

  • Series 1 – Fundamentals of Quality Improvement and Process Improvement
  • Series 2 – Implementing Quality in Your Clinic
  • Series 3 – Embedding, Sustaining, and Spreading Quality Improvement

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for nonprofit clinic corporations interested in participating in these new program offerings.
For additional information click here.

Grant Program – Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation

For more than 30 years, the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation has funded carefully selected grant requests that assist vulnerable children in the United States and across the globe. The Ross Foundation provides direct aid and assistance to vulnerable children, including those who are ill, orphaned, disabled, injured, disfigured, abused and malnourished or have limited access to education.  We are looking for small grassroots projects that we can fully fund or nearly fully fund with the small grants that we make.  The Ross Foundation is less interested in larger projects or capital campaigns that are better left to larger foundations and organizations. Award amounts range from $1,000 to $15,000. Eligible applicants are organizations that are qualified under the laws of the United States as charitable organizations.
Deadline: Rolling (LOI)
To learn more, please visit the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation website.

Grants for Children and Youth – May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

The Trust seeks to foster healthy development and future independence by increasing opportunities for children and youth up to age 25. Organizations should strive to achieve a long-term, sustainable difference in the lives of the people they serve, offering a comprehensive set of services designed to break the cycle of poverty rather than simply providing a service to meet immediate needs. Programs of greatest interest offer direct services to disadvantaged children and youth, such as academic enrichment and support, mentoring and youth leadership, arts outreach integrated with school curriculum, and recreational activities and camps incorporating youth development objectives. Non-profit organizations working to achieve a long-term, sustainable difference in the lives of children and youth are eligible to apply. A Letter of Intent is required, and selected organizations will then be invited to submit a full proposal.
To learn more, please visit the May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust website.

CIGNA Foundation Grant – CIGNA Foundation

The CIGNA Foundation supports organizations sharing its commitment to enhancing the health of individuals and families and the well-being of their communities, with a special focus on those communities where CIGNA employees live and work. In support of its mission, the CIGNA Foundation provides grants to charitable organizations working in its four primary impact areas: promoting wellness, expanding opportunities, developing leaders, and embracing communities. Proposed projects will be judged according to how responsive, creative, achievable, and beneficial they are, as well as whether they reflect CIGNA’s commitment to diversity. Award amounts are typically for $5,000, but there is no set maximum. Eligible applicants are U.S.-based nonprofit organizations, with a 501(C)(3) status.
Deadline: Rolling (all annual funds will be distributed by November 30th)
To learn more, please visit the CIGNA Foundation website.

Emerging and Promising Practices in Population Health – Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation funds multisector, interdisciplinary approaches to improve the health of vulnerable populations by addressing the social and environmental factors that adversely and disproportionately affect their communities. The Foundation’s aim is to promote greater equity in the social, physical and built environments in which the most at-risk populations live, work and play. This work, if it is to succeed, will require forging new kinds of partnerships, collaboration and thinking. Eligible applicants are nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status and public agencies based in the United States. After completing a Preliminary Application, chosen applicants will be invited to provide additional information.
Deadline: Rolling
To learn more, please visit the Kresge Foundation website.

Corporate Charitable Giving Grants – Walgreens

Walgreens makes Corporate Charitable Giving Grants available to organizations operating in Walgreens communities that focus on improving community access to health and wellness, civic and community outreach, and pharmacy education and mentoring initiatives. Health is the major area of focus and will receive the largest share of the budget. Award amounts vary. Eligible applicants are organizations with a tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including faith based organizations.
Deadline: Rolling
To learn more, please visit Walgreens website.

Sight for Students – Vision Service Providers (VSP)

Sight for Students is a VSP charity that provides free vision exams and glasses to low-income, uninsured children. The program operates nationally through a network of community partners who identify children in need and VSP network doctors who provide the eyecare services. SBHCs run by community health centers that are connected with NACHC or with staff who are members of National Association of School Nurses (NASN) are eligible to receive VSP certificates to distribute to pediatric patients who meet these guidelines.
Deadline: N/A
To learn more, please visit the Sight for Students website.

Community Grants – CVS Caremark

The CVS Caremark Community Grants program awards funds to nonprofit organizations targeting children with disabilities, projects focusing on healthcare to the uninsured and underserved, and to public schools. Selected organizations meeting the above criteria will be eligible for receiving award amounts up to $5,000.
Deadline: Rolling from January through October
To learn more, please visit the CVS Caremark website.

Grants for the Improvement of Health and Health Care – Aetna Foundation

The Aetna Foundation funds grants for the improvement of health and health care, within three program areas:  obesity, racial and ethnic health care equity, and integrated health care. Grant applications that address more than one of these program areas will receive priority consideration for funding. Applications can be focused on research, practice, or policy. Regional awards range from $25,000 to $50,000. Eligible applications are nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status. The Aetna Foundation is particularly interested in organizations serving Los Angeles but those in other communities can still apply. Applicants must submit a letter of intent prior to submitting a full grant application. Letters of Intent are accepted on a rolling basis.
Deadline: Rolling (Letters of Intent)
To learn more, please visit the Aetna Foundation website.

Youth Program Grants – Kinder Morgan Foundation

The Kinder Morgan Foundation is aimed at providing youth the opportunity to learn and grow by supporting nonprofit youth programs that focus on education, the arts and the environment. Awards are typically between $1,000 and $5,000 and the program must serve a community where Kinder Morgan has operations. All organizations must have 501(c)(3) status.
Deadline: 10th of every other month beginning in January 2011
For more information, please visit the Kinder Morgan website.

Healthy Communities Grants – Abbott Fund

The Abbott Fund is devoted to building healthier communities through the funding of creative proposals that promote science, expand access to health care, and strengthen communities worldwide. The Abbott Fund’s main funding priorities are access to care and science and innovation programs. Community Vitality Grants are only available to applicants in Alameda, Fairfield, Redwood City, Santa Clara, and Temecula. Awards amounts vary. Eligible organizations include 501(c)(3) nonprofits and governmental entities.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Abbott Fund website.

Community Development Grant (Siskiyou County) – The Ford Family Foundation

The purpose of The Ford Family Foundation is to develop successful citizens and build vital rural communities by funding areas such as  positive youth development, access to health and dental services for children, and child abuse prevention and intervention. Award amounts vary. Applicants must be have current 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, be a governmental entity, or be an IRS-recognized tribe and must have at least 50% of funding for the total project budget committed before applying.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Ford Family Foundation website.

Community Support Grants – The Coca-Cola Foundation

The Coca-Cola Foundation aims to make a greater impact on the communities Coca-Cola serves around the world by being responsive to the citizenship priorities of the communities in which employees live and work. The Coca-Cola Foundation is interested in funding organizations in multiple areas including healthy, active living. The Foundation supports initiatives that provide access to exercise, physical activity and nutritional education programs, initiatives that motivate behavior modification, and projects that encourage lifestyle/behavioral changes. Award amounts vary. Eligible applicants must be tax-exempt organizations with 501(c)(3) status.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please contact the Coca-Cola Foundation website.

Health and Nutrition Grants – Albertsons

Albertsons focuses its  support on organizations that help create healthy, thriving communities. Albertsons gives grants to nonprofit and school programs with a primary mission that meets the following focus areas: hunger relief, dietary health, and nutrition education. Award amounts vary. Eligible applicants are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and schools in areas where Albertsons grocery stores operate.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Albertsons website.

Health and Medicine Grants – The Ahmanson Foundation

The Ahmanson Foundation supports nonprofit organizations which foster the arts and humanities and improve education at all levels, health care, and programs related to homelessness and underserved populations. The Ahmanson Foundation is offering grants to projects for programs within four areas: Arts and Humanities, Education, Health and Medicine, and Human Services. The types of funding support include construction and renovations, property acquisitions, equipment and furnishings, transportation vehicles, technology and infrastructure, software, books, supplies, and occasionally operational support. The typical award amount ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 and approximately 450 grants are awarded each year. Only 501(c)(3) organizations based in and serving Los Angeles county are eligible to apply.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Ahmanson Foundation website.

Health and Human Services Grants – Autodesk Software

Autodesk is a company focused on three dimensional design, engineering, and entertainment software that is offering grants to nonprofit organizations as a way to give back to the community. This company is offering grants for programs in multiple areas including health and human services and education. Typical grants range from $1,000 to $5,000, and only registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations are eligible to apply.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Autodesk website.

Responsive Grantmaking Program – The California Wellness Foundation

The California Wellness Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of the people of California by offering program grants for health promotion, wellness education, and disease prevention. The foundation is offering grants to programs which address the following issues relevant to SBHCs: violence prevention, teenage pregnancy prevention, and mental health (with a focus on youth in or exiting foster care as well as homeless or runaway youth). The foundation emphasizes multi-year operational support, which means that organizations do not have to start new projects to be eligible for funding, and grants range from $25,000-$100,000 per year. Letters of intent are accepted on a rolling basis. Eligible applicants are public charities and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are not private foundations.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the CWF website.

Community Health and Development Grants (Northern California) – Bayer USA Foundation

The Bayer USA Foundation supports programs that enhance the quality of life, provide unique and enriching opportunities that connect diverse groups, and ensure preparedness for tomorrow’s leaders. The Foundation welcomes proposals from nonprofit organizations focused on health and human services.
Deadline: Varies
For more information, please visit the Bayer website.

Youth Organization Grants – The Countess Moira Charitable Foundation

The mission of the Countess Moira Charitable Foundation is to aid in the well-being of youth. In the past, the Foundation has supported charitable organizations that focus on the betterment of youth. Award amounts vary. The Foundation makes grants to private nonprofit or public tax-exempt organizations. The Foundation will support operating, program, endowment and/or capital funding needs. The Foundation does not give grants for events or fund raisers.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Countess Moira website.

Ben & Jerry Wants To Fund Your Innovative Proposal – Ben & Jerry Foundation

The Ben & Jerry Foundation will consider any type of proposal aimed at creating societal, institutional and/or environmental change. The foundation funds efforts that address the root causes of a problem in a community, system or institution. Therefore, traditional social service programs are ineligible for funding. Funded programs seek to empower segments of society, such as immigrant, rural or homeless populations. School health centers could apply for funding a youth, parent, or community empowerment/advocacy program.   The initial application consists of a one-page letter of interest, which may be submitted at any time and are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The review may take up to eight weeks. If an application is chosen for further consideration, the organization will be invited to submit a full proposal which consists of a five-page application. Those seeking less than $1,000 don’t have to submit a full proposal, because the decision will be based on the letter of interest.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Ben & Jerry website.

Children and Youth Health Grant – UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation

The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation is a nonprofit charity dedicated to facilitating access to medical-related services that have the potential to significantly enhance either the clinical condition or the quality of life of the child and that are not fully covered by the available commercial health benefit plan. Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded. Parents and guardians of children aged 16 years or younger are eligible to apply. School health centers could promote and facilitate families’ grant applications. Applicants must live in the United States and have commercial health insurance coverage. Funds will not support families with a gross income per individual exceeding $20,000. Grants will not cover past medical costs.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please go to the UnitedHealthCare website.

Education, Community and Medicine/Health Grants – RGK Foundation

The RGK Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that provide services in the areas of Community, Education and Medicine/Health. Specific areas of focus include: children and family services, early childhood development, parenting education, after-school educational enrichment programs, promotion of the health and well-being of children, and programs that promote access to health services. Grants range from $10,000 to $25,000. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations with 501(3)(3) status. Organizations are invited to submit an electronic letter of inquiry that will be reviewed on a rolling basis. After review, organizations may be invited to submit a formal proposal.
Deadline: Rolling (Letters of Inquiry)
For more information, please go to the RGK Foundation website.

Food Related Programs – The Sara Lee Foundation

The purpose of The Sarah Lee Foundation is to decrease food insecurity and increase access to fresh produce and meals. Significant funding consideration is given to programs that focus on food recovery, increased access to fresh produce and protein, meal programs when schools are not in session, and hunger awareness. Award amounts vary. Eligible organizations include 501(c)(3) nonprofits that are located in communities where Sara Lee operates.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the Sarah Lee Foundation website.

Grief Counseling Grants – A Little Hope

A Little HOPE, Inc. provides grants to funds organizations that provide bereavement support services and grief counseling to children and teens that have experienced the death of a parent, sibling or loved one. Strong preference is given to applicants who demonstrate a commitment to the use of community trained volunteers, whose programs demonstrate multicultural competence in addressing children & adolescent’s bereavement needs, and whose programs are likely to be replicable in other communities. Grant applications are by invitation only and are sent to potential grant recipients during the last quarter of each year. To be considered, email or fax (no telephone calls): the name of your program, your website address, the name of your executive director, and the name of the program director, including their credentials. No other information is needed or will be processed.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please go to A Little Hope website.

HELP II Financing Program – California Health Facilities Financing Authority

T he HELP II Financing Program provides three percent, fixed interest loans of up to $750,000 to California ‘s non-profit small and rural health facilities in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. HELP II loans may be used to purchase or construct new facilities, remodel or renovate existing facilities, and purchase equipment or furnishings. Since the program’s inception in 1988, the Authority has loaned more than $45 million to small and rural health facilities.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the California State Treasurer website.

Mighty Milers – NY Road Runners Foundation

In as little as 15 minutes a day, Mighty Milers gives kids the opportunity and encouragement to get moving, release energy, improve their fitness and health, set and strive for individual goals, and bond with their schoolmates. NYRR Foundation provides incentives and instruction to make Mighty Milers easy to integrate into daily school life. Kids of all fitness levels and abilities learn to walk or run a half-mile, two to five times a week. Students set goals and the online database makes it easy to record and tally the total distance each student accumulates. When students reach milestones, they earn incentives provided by NYRRF.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please visit the NYRR Foundation website.

Reproductive Health Education – Packard Foundation

Ensuring access to sexual and reproductive health education for young people, with a particular emphasis on building capacity and strengthening the evidence base for what works. Interested grant-seekers are requested to submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) to Upon review of the LOI, applicants will be informed whether to submit a full grant application. Please note that the Foundation make grants to non-governmental organizations and networks.
Deadline: Rolling
For more information, please go to the Packard Foundation website.