Garfield Y2Y Youth Prep for Final Presentation

On May 17, Youth Board member Daniel Yim met with six young student leaders in Garfield High School. Daniel was helping them prepare the data that they have collected in the last month on the accessibility of Garfield’s school based health center.

Along with prepping the data, Daniel also made them practice their speaking points in order for them to take the data to the Garfield school administrators to get the school health center be more accessible to the students. “Essentially, when I said that I wanted everyone to be prepared to share/speak to administrators they all gasped, WHAT?” said Daniel about the students’ reaction to what they needed to do to present the data. Daniel explained that the students are enthusiastic about the opportunity and he will be meeting with them regularly to assist them with the presentation and other goals that they want to reach.

The student leaders will meet with school administrators on Monday, June 4th.