Helping Connect Health and Education for California’s Kids

The Health Care Crisis in California

Across California, 1.1 million kids are uninsured and lacking access to health care. Oral health problems alone cause California kids to miss 874,000 days of class a year!

What happens when kids are sick and miss school? They fall behind, get lower grades, and are more likely to drop out.

School-Based Health Centers Help Kids Thrive

A school-based health center (SBHC) is a cost-effective way to provide all kids with quality health care. Conveniently located on or near the school campuses, SBHCs remove the challenge of parents getting their kids to and from the doctor, dentist, or counselor by putting health care where kids already are.

SBHCs can provide immunizations, chronic illness management (like asthma and diabetes), counseling, and health education—some even have a dentist! Best of all, SBHCs will see kids without insurance and at no charge.

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