2016 Election Impact

We do not yet know all the ways that the outcome of the 2016 election will impact health care and education for young people in this country and in California. We are working closely with other state organizations, policymakers, and our field to protect the significant gains we have made over the years.

We are also collecting information from our partners and will continue to update this page with information about what to expect and how to support children and families as a new President and Congress implement their vision for America.

Check out our recorded webinar: What Now for School Health? State & Federal Policy Update. We discuss the changes we anticipate, their impact on school-based health care, and how the school health field can prepare and respond.

Health Care

  • Health care 2017 – CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates, affiliated with the California Primary Care Association, created a number of resources outlining possible impacts of the change in administration and advocacy opportunities for community health centers. The comprehensive analysis and webinar of the major health care policy proposals offer very good information on likely changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medi-Cal.
  • Health equity and the future of the ACA – Our partners at the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network hosted this webinar that provides an overview of the 2017 landscape and what federal proposals to repeal the ACA might mean for the health of communities of color in California.
  • Stories about the ACA – HealthAccess is collecting stories about the ACA and the impact it has made on our communities. They are looking for stories that will illustrate the true impact of the decisions made by the new Congress and Administration in the coming years.


While there is not as much specific information about the election’s impact on California’s public education system, the general thinking is that our state will continue to invest in our Local Control Funding Formula. Here are some federal perspectives on the election outcome and what it means for states across the country:


  • Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights – A comprehensive guide from Public Health Awakened that provides helpful strategies, actions, and resources for people working in local health agencies and/or health clinics. 
  • DACA & resources for educators – Educators for Fair Consideration developed the following list of helpful tips and tools for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients and a new guide, Post-Election: What Educators Can Do To Support Undocumented Students. They have many helpful resources for school staff and will continue to add resources to their website as details emerge from the new administration.
  • DACA & resources for schools – The rhetoric of this election has left many immigrant children and families worried about their future and protection in this country. The Immigrant Legal Resource Center has created many resources to inform, prepare, and protect immigrants. ILRC created a document with talking points on DACA and resources for schools as they play a critical role in supporting immigrant families.
  • Immigrant rights in schools and health facilities – The National Immigration Law Center hosted this webinar sharing the strategies and actions that schools and health facilities can take to protect undocumented students and patients. The presentation discusses campus safety policies, policies to protect patient information in healthcare, developments around DACA, and mobilization efforts.