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About the California School-Based Health Alliance

The California School-Based Health Alliance (CSHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and academic success of children and youth by advancing school-based health care.

We are working toward a future when all students have access to the health services they need to be successful in school. School-based health care includes programs such as school-based health centers (SBHCs), mental health services, dental programs, school nursing, and mobile programs.

In California, more than 270,000 children grades K-12 attend a school that has a SBHC, and many more have access to other types of school-based health care. This is an important start, but many more children and families, particularly in underserved communities, could benefit from having health services in their schools.

Our work includes:

  • Advocating for public policies that make school-based health care an integral part of the health and education systems.
  • Helping schools and communities start school-based health care programs.
  • Ensuring high-quality school-based health care through conferences, trainings, and technical assistance.
  • Raising the visibility of school-based health care so it is valued by policymakers, educators, community leaders, parents, and students.

The CSHA office is located in downtown Oakland with 10 on-site staff members and 2 remote staff members in Fresno/Central Valley. We work closely with partners in Los Angeles and Alameda Counties and with our national affiliate in Washington, D.C. We have an inclusive and open work environment dedicated to continual learning and improvement to maximize our impact on the health and success of California’s children. Since 2003, our budget has grown from $100 thousand to $2.8 million annually.

Opportunity: Executive Director

The role of the Executive Director for the California School-Based Health Alliance is an exciting opportunity for a passionate, collaborative, and visionary leader to build upon years of successful efforts to put health care where children are—in schools. CSHA is looking for a leader of hearts, minds, and people to improve the health and academic success of children and youth statewide by advancing health services in schools. In collaboration with Board and staff, this leader will play a pivotal role in building partnerships, securing funding, and advocating for innovative approaches to sustain and expand school-based health centers (SBHCs) and school-based health programs throughout the state. The Executive Director will manage a staff of 12 experts in the ongoing creation and delivery of programs, trainings, and technical assistance in support of 260 existing SBHCs, as well as dozens of emerging new SBHCs throughout the state. This individual will promote the value of school-based health care to funders, educators, administrators, policymakers, and the general public.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will be an innovative leader responsible for CSHA’s consistent achievement of its mission, programs, outcomes, administration, and financial objectives. With a recently completed two-year strategic plan, CSHA is positioned to embark towards a new era of growth. The Executive Director will have the opportunity to elevate and amplify the impact of the organization by overseeing the development and implementation of the next strategic plan in order to further the mission of the organization and capitalize on emerging opportunities and strengths. The current plan includes four goals:

  • Strengthen the impact of SBHCs on health and educational equity
  • Expand school-based health by engaging youth, parents, communities, school districts, and health providers as partners and advocates
  • Develop and enhance school mental health services
  • Improve financing systems to sustain school-based health services

Key Responsibilities

The Executive Director is directly responsible for the overall management of CSHA, including development and refinement of its service programs; control over budget and financial planning; contract and grant compliance; fundraising; accounting and fiscal management; recruitment, selection, professional development, and evaluation of staff; political advocacy; and execution of Board-established priorities and policies.

The Executive Director will oversee business operations and enhance the internal processes and infrastructure that will allow CSHA to continue to grow in support of its mission with a dedicated staff that thrives in a dynamic, self-motivated environment.

Key responsibilities include:

 Strategic & Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Maintain a “big picture” outlook, think strategically about opportunities and challenges for the organization, and respond to change
  • Cultivate expertise about the issues, trends, and technical aspects of school-based health care
  • Expand the movement for SBHCs by cultivating leadership from Board, staff, youth, and partners; solicit and act upon ideas of others when appropriate, and invite innovation
  • Engage in learning and growth activities to improve job performance

Partnerships & Collaboration

  • Develop strategic relationships with partner organizations, legislative and administrative staff, consultants and colleagues
  • Bring people/organizations together to work strategically and translate ideas into action
  • Expand base of stakeholders for school-based health centers/services
  • Be a reliable and valuable member of coalitions or collaborations

Board Relations

  • Understand and respect the Board’s role; ensure effective communication with Board members and keep them engaged
  • Provide well-balanced information and clear recommendations to the Board as it establishes new policies
  • Effectively interpret Board policies and concerns and develop a consistent direction for the staff to follow

Operations & Administrative Functions

  • Manage CSHA’s activities in accordance with relevant laws and Board policies
  • Work with management team and the Director of Operations, develop reasonable budgets and effectively manage the organization’s finances, balancing programmatic needs with long-term growth and sustainability
  • Ensure the efficient and effective functioning of CSHA through delegation of appropriate duties to the staff and outside service providers

Fundraising & Resource Development

  • Enhance CSHA’s reputation among funders and engage them in the issue/organization
  • Improve CSHA’s fundraising by expanding strategies and cultivating new approaches in consultation with staff and the Board’s resource development committee
  • Generate resources to maintain growth of the organization, including unrestricted revenue
  • Successfully target fundraising to steer the organization toward its mission and priorities (avoid “mission creep”)

Talent Management

  • Create a positive workplace culture that fosters creativity, leadership, collaboration, and professional development
  • Hire, develop, and retain high quality staff to effectively fulfill the mission of the organization; think proactively about human resources including succession planning
  • Ensure that CSHA is in compliance with laws and regulations
  • Set staff policies and determine compensation
  • Foster clear and open communication with and among staff; set clear standards of performance, professionalism, expectations, and responsibilities
  • Provide effective supervision to direct reporting staff and assist supervisors in problem solving with employees

Work Output & Quality

  • Effectively accomplish outcomes and deliverables in CSHA’s strategic plan and grant or contract work plans
  • Oversee a high-quality policy advocacy program for CSHA, working with director
  • Oversee CSHA’s program development in technical assistance and communications
  • Produce high-quality deliverables (e.g. reports, policy papers, grant proposals, strategic plan)

External Communication

  • Play a lead role in developing and executing CSHA’s communications strategies, in partnership with the director of communications and management team; take advantage of opportunities to communicate about the issue/organization
  • Be a strong and persuasive representative of CSHA and SBHCs to outside stakeholders (e.g. policymakers, partner organizations, media); inspire confidence and establish credibility
  • Organize ideas and information logically and present them clearly and concisely

Core Competencies

The successful candidate will have worked in or will have strong ties to the school-based health field and experience grounded in youth engagement and development, as well as familiarity with the role of SBHCs and challenges, in order to be an effective advocate for school-based health. This individual will have experience leading organizations and bringing stability, transformation, and growth. Coming to the role with a proven track record of effective financial resource management, this individual will have strong strategic planning and operational implementation experience with impressive analytical and problem-solving skills.

The ideal candidate will have significant collaborative experience working with diverse groups and organizations to build working partnerships and launch new initiatives. This individual will also have experience working with policymakers and government agencies to educate and influence policy.

A minimum of seven years of experience in a senior leadership position with a nonprofit or community-based agency is required. A Master’s degree is required; a focus in health, education, or nonprofit management is preferred.

This individual will be willing and able to travel within the state and nationally, as the Executive Director will need to play a meaningful role in CSHA’s work at the national level.

Additionally, the successful candidate will have the following professional competencies and characteristics:

Strategic and Entrepreneurial Leader

The Executive Director will be an experienced and decisive leader with an entrepreneurial and enthusiastic spirit, and the background and skills to deliver on the vision for CSHA. This individual will be a proven strategic thinker with the foresight, capacity, and experience to understand and balance complex and discrete constituent needs. The Executive Director will be highly organized and thorough, with the ability to diagnose critical areas for attention, and develop and implement clear, action-oriented, innovative strategies that address challenging problems with thoughtful, effective solutions that engender broad support and position the organization for future success and growth. A visionary, but humble and authentic leader willing to roll up their sleeves as needed, the Executive Director will possess the ability to challenge the status quo, yet employ an empathetic leadership approach in keeping with the culture of CSHA.  This individual will invest in staff development with a collaborative and coaching leadership style and will be adept at addressing challenges in organizational culture.

External Relations and Communications

The Executive Director will have a high level of public relations insight with a proven track record in engaging in systems-level change and in building community relations for transformational impact. The Executive Director will be the outward-facing voice of CSHA, helping to guide messaging, communicating about new initiatives or developments to all stakeholders, and helping to build the brand and profile of the organization as it continues its growth. This executive will be able to speak fluidly and extensively about CSHA’s history and impact, growth strategy, and future direction. A charismatic and inspiring communicator, the Executive Director will maintain high visibility within the organization and with outside agencies and organizations statewide and nationally. This individual will possess the keen political awareness and insight into the complex context of CHSA’s work locally and nationally needed to effectively partner with other organizations. Internally, this individual will build structures to support clear and transparent communication and feedback.

Relationship Builder and Collaborator

The Executive Director will bring an empathetic style, and will be exceptionally skilled at developing, building, and sustaining excellent relationships, both internal and external to the organization. This leader will be a natural collaborator with a demonstrated ability to connect with and build bridges among the various stakeholders at CSHA. The Executive Director will be thoughtful, open and accessible, working collaboratively to find efficiencies and opportunities for the benefit of CSHA as a whole. This individual will be consultative, promoting open dialogue with team members to identify best practices, synthesize divergent views, and coalesce all constituencies around a shared view or plan. The Executive Director will be proactive in working effectively with the Board to provide timely, accurate information and recommendations to make informed decisions. The Executive Director will be an empathic leader, treating others with respect.

Expertise in Development and Fundraising

The Executive Director will be an experienced fundraising leader with a measurable track record of success in advancement and development, and the expertise and mindset to build strong relationships with current and potential donors and the Board. This leader will have the demonstrated expertise required to manage and innovatively expand CSHA’s various fundraising and communications channels, and the ability to engage with a variety of CSHA’s constituents, including institutions and foundations, individual donors, government, community leaders, and other supporters. The Executive Director will be a flexible, self-motivated team player who will offer insight and expertise as appropriate to the Board of Directors in identifying and devising development strategies for CSHA.

Passion for the Mission

The Executive Director have an authentic passion for and interest in the mission of CSHA and the organization’s history, model, and potential for future impacts. This leader will be driven by the chance to impact the future by making school-based health care an integral part of the health and education systems. Knowledgeable about the field, this individual will be comfortable doing high-level thinking on policy, programs, and fundraising, working with 10,000 schools involved in school-based health. A passionate advocate for social justice and equity, the Executive Director will understand and address challenges in this area directly with thoughtfulness and clarity. While being an open-minded and curious leader, the Executive Director will be committed to learning and improvement. An individual of unquestioned integrity, ethics and values, this leader is someone who can be trusted without reservation.

How to Apply

California School-Based Health Alliance has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. This search is being led by Michelle Bonoan and Medelene Beasley. Please submit a compelling cover letter and resume here, or email Michelle and Medelene at the following:

Michelle R.S. Bonoan, Managing Director

Medelene Beasley, Principal

The California School-Based Health Alliance is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to recruiting a broadly diverse pool of qualified candidates for this position. 

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