Cultivating Local Projects

Integrating School-Based Health Into Health Care Delivery Systems

We feel strongly that the next step in creating a role for school-based health centers in health care reform is developing local projects that intentionally bring the benefits of school-based health (and the data) to health plans. So far, we have completed the following projects:

  1. Kern Family Health Systems and Bakersfield and Delano Unified School Districts: Obesity Prevention Program for Kids at School. This partnership has implemented an obesity prevention program in which the school districts share data on participants, BMI, and services with the health plan on a monthly basis. We are working with the health plan to develop an agreement that will outline reimbursement for services provided at two school-based health centers opening in the fall of 2016.
  2. Bakersfield Unified School District & Kern Health Systems: Asthma Education for Plan Members. This unique partnership included collaboration and reimbursement to provide an asthma management program through schools.
  3. Alameda Alliance Health Plan: Health Education Tracking. Alameda Alliance is working with a school-based health center in the Bay Area to obtain information on the number of members that receive health education on nutrition and physical activity.
  4. Central California Alliance for Health: Obesity Prevention. The health plan has agreed to meet with a school-based health center in its area to review data on the number of plan members that the SBHC is reaching with obesity prevention services. The goal is to reduce any duplication of services and identify options for reimbursement.
  5. Fresno County Partners: School-Based Health Expansion. We are working with Fresno Unified, five hospitals, Fresno County Department of Mental Health, and Department of Public Health to expand school-based health centers in the county. A subcommittee is preparing an Accountable Community for Health proposal with school-based health centers as a key component.
  6. Kaiser Permanente: Reimbursement for School-Based Health Centers. The health plan is partnering with us to review how school-based health centers serve Kaiser members with an eye to exploring opportunities for reimbursement for services obtained by members whose children are served at a school-based health center. This conversation is in response to a model now operating in Oregon where Kaiser reimburses school-based health centers that serve its members’ children.