Take Action

Thank you for speaking up for state funding for SBHCs!

Thank you so much for contacting legislators and telling them you support state funding for school-based health centers (SBHCs). Legislators told us they heard you loud and clear and they recognize the importance of this funding.

Despite our efforts, the version of the state budget that was sent to Governor Brown did not include funding for SBHCs. Our disappointment is tempered by the energy you generated with your activism and the supportive feedback we received from legislators. We have never made this much progress in the state budget process before!

Here are some highlights from our week of advocacy:

  • Many of you made calls and sent emails to your legislators on the Conference Committee. We sent emails to 973 constituents in our database living in San Francisco, Sacramento, the East Bay, and San Diego asking them to call key legislators. Our partners at LA Trust also sent an action alert to their list of contacts in Los Angeles County.
  • We had more than 20 organizations send in letters of support for our budget item.
  • We reached out to constituents in Senator Hancock’s and Assemblymember Skinner’s districts to sign onto a petition in support of state funding for SBHCs. In 24 hours, we received 364 sign-ons and many, many incredible comments from supporters about the importance of SBHCs.
  • We received a lot of support via our Facebook and Twitter channels thanks to our Youth Board members who activated their networks to urge key legislators to support SBHCs.

Your support makes a difference. Thank you for speaking out!


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