Our Youth Board

Mission Statement:
The California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board aims to amplify youth engagement and access to school-based health through leadership, advocacy, and empowerment throughout California.

In 2007, five young people formed our Youth Board, a group of school health advocates from across California committed to the advancement of school-based health care. The Youth Board has continuously worked to provide technical assistance, advocate for school health policies and ensure that youth engagement is a priority locally, statewide, and nationally. Our Youth Board members bring experience in adolescent health, school health, and community organizing that energizes our commitment to youth voice in school health.

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Meet the Youth Board 

Michel’le Bailey

Michel’le is a third-year Youth Board member of the California School-Based Health Alliance. She is currently majoring in Psychology at West Los Angeles College. Michel’le was previously a part of the L.A. Trust Youth Advisory Board and helped to promote safe health for her former high school and community. She has traveled to Sacramento to speak to legislators in hopes of gaining funds to build more school-based health clinics on high school campuses. She hopes to bring that experience with her as a current Youth Board member. From working with the UCLA Sex Squad and being a Peer Health Ambassador, Michel’le also has experience in providing peer education and support to other youth in need of sexual health education, services, counseling, and testing. She aspires to advocate for and provide assistance to anyone interested in health and wellness. Michel’le believes that everyone could use a hand when it comes to their overall being. She wishes others could take a stand beside her to help spread education to our youth. She is excited to be on board of yet another great organization and strives to make an impact in the health community and in many lives.

Dakota Bodell

Dakota is serving her first year on the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. She is a first year at the University of California, Berkeley, double majoring in Political Science and Africana Studies. Dakota created presentations at her high school to show students where and how they could access various healthcare services for free, or at minimal costs. Dakota also has worked with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and advocated against the mistreatment of people with disabilities through “Ability Awareness” presentations. Dakota is excited to empower students and increase their access to quality healthcare with the help of the California School-Based Health Alliance.

Conner Chamberlain

Conner is serving his first year on the Youth Board for the California School-Based Health Alliance. He is a first year student at the University of California, Los Angeles majoring in biology. Conner has been a part of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), which provides exposure to many paths one can choose when entering the medical field. His passion for pursuing the medical field stems from seeing the poor health care that impacts low income communities. His goal is to become a nurse practitioner and improve the health system.

Daniel Correa Bucio

Daniel is a first-year member of the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. Daniel is a freshman currently attending the University of California, Berkeley. He is an intended Integrative Biology major and considering a minor in Spanish or Chicano Studies. Last year, Daniel was part of a problem gambling awareness program called Betting on our Future (BOOF). BOOF is youth-led initiative targeted to inform the community about treatment and prevention for problem gambling through media projects. Through BOOF, Daniel learned to use digital media to promote health and collaborate with passionate like-minded individuals. Daniel is also a part of CHE, SPAN, and AMSA, which are pre-health advising programs at UC Berkeley. He hopes to graduate from UC Berkeley and enroll in dental or medical school in pursuit of a career as a dentist or doctor. He also wants to use his resources to give back to his community and empower youth.

Adriana Douglas

Adriana is in her third year with the California School-Based Health Alliance Youth Board. She is a first year student at Fremont College majoring in Digital Marketing. Adriana was a part of the L.A. Trust Youth Advisory Board and helped to promote wellness and get students interested in their health. With the Youth Board, she traveled to Sacramento and talked to legislators about getting their support for the wellness center on her campus. When Adriana was in high school, she was a part of many leadership clubs and classes, such as MCJORTC and several student-led clubs. Adriana has such a strong passion for health. She believes wellness is a topic that should be talked about more and that more youth should get involved with their health.

Ivan Hernandez

Ivan is a first-year Youth Board member for the California School-Based Health Alliance. He is currently a first year student at UC Berkeley with an intended major in Political Science and a minor in Public Policy. Ivan has worked to improve civic engagement among his peers and through his internship with Day One, he promoted student wellness and advocated for healthy lifestyles. He sees the importance of having school-based health centers and hopes that his past experiences will benefit the Youth Board in their advocacy. Besides serving on the Youth Board, Ivan is a Policy Intern in the Office of ASUC Senator Araujo and also currently sits on the Board of Directors for a Pomona-based non-profit, Gente Organizada, which focuses on intergenerational empowerment to create sustainable change in their communities. Ivan has seen firsthand the importance of youth engagement and policy. He hopes to continue to give young people a voice and advocate for school-based health throughout the state.

Bajha Jordan

Bajha is serving her first year as a Youth Board member for the California School-Based Health Alliance. Bajha is in her senior year at California State University, Sacramento and hopes to graduate in Fall 2019. She is majoring in Health Science with a concentration in Community Health Education and minoring in Deaf Studies. She then aspires to earn her MPH and PhD. Since high school, Bajha has gained experience in working in health care and health education. Bajha interned for Sharp HealthCare, located in San Diego, where she worked alongside nurses and doctors, learning about diagnosis and treatments. When she entered college, she began working for her campus Health and Wellness Promotion department, where she continues to educate about reproductive health and sexual and domestic violence. Bajha is also part of the Black Student Union which is a club on campus that focuses on building unity and addressing stereotypes for Black students on campus. From working in hospitals and educating students on campus, Bajha has developed a passion for preventive care and hopes to educate youth in underserved communities about their health and the care they can access.

Irma Rosa Viera

Irma is a second-year Youth Board member for the California School-Based Health Alliance. She is a sophomore at California State University, Northridge with a high interest in majoring in Deaf Studies and Health Administration. Irma has always had a strong passion for giving a voice to the youth and promoting student wellness. Through her high school’s wellness center, she worked hard to underline the importance of having access to health care and the benefits of remaining physically healthy through her involvement as an L.A. Trust Youth Advisory Board member. After seeing firsthand the impact that school-based health centers have on students and her community as a whole, she is hopeful and excited to continue empowering young people and expanding health advocacy through the California School-Based Health Alliance.

Vianey Twyford

Vianey is a second-year Youth Board member for the California School-Based Health Alliance. She is in her final undergraduate year at the University of California, San Diego majoring in Public Health with minor in Global Health. She is passionate about access to sexual and reproductive education as well as youth engagement. Vianey is a peer educator, an artist and a musician who has consistently advocated for universal access to healthcare. She has worked towards promoting discussions between parents and their children about sexual health. As a former TeenSource Multimedia Peer Educator for the California Family Health Council, she has used social media platforms to create blogs focusing on reproductive health care. Through this experience, she has understood the correlation between lack of health information for teens and the rise in unplanned pregnancies, STIs and young people’s involvement in unhealthy relationships. Vianey has also been deeply involved with the Youth-centered Health Design‘s Youth Advisory Board for three years where she’s developed a lot of technical skills, which she hopes to continue developing and incorporating in her art. Within her school studies, she dedicates her advocacy towards finding strategies for healthcare within school-based health centers. As a Student Health Advocate focusing on sexual health on the UCSD campus, she promotes safe sex practices through education. Vianey hopes to use art and design to engage people in health activism.

Molly Wu

Molly is a sixth-year Youth Board member for the California School-Based Health Alliance. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS degree in Economics and Public Policy. She has a strong sense of responsibility for raising youth awareness in the school-based health movement in California and promoting the power of youth engagement and youth development work to adults from school-based and school-linked health centers. As a former Peer Health Insurance Rights Educator, she understands the necessity of youth engagement and development and believes in the power of youth through school-based health centers. Molly is passionate about working in non-profit organizations, fundraising, youth empowerment, and making a positive impact in the health field.

Meet our Youth Liaison

Allison Chan, BSN, RN, PHN is a Youth Board alumnus who served as a Youth Board member from 2013-2018. In her sixth year with California School-Based Health Alliance, she is serving as the Youth Liaison for the Youth Board, and also as a newly-elected member of the Board of Directors for the organization. She graduated from Samuel Merritt University in May 2017 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Allison currently works as a Registered Nurse in one of the Bay Area’s busiest Emergency Departments. On top of her medical professional experience, her youth engagement experience includes facilitating Youth 2 Youth (Y2Y) conferences and workshops, and also being involved in the Peer Health Insurance Rights Education, a former Y2Y program held by CSHA. Allison’s experience in nursing allows her to apply different lenses to school-based health. While she is actively involved in emergency care, she is also an advocate for primary and preventative care and services for youth. Allison is passionate about health education, promotion, and maintenance, equal accessibility to healthcare services, and youth engagement and development in the health field.