Our Trainings

Training and Technical Assistance

We are the leader in helping schools and health providers across California start or expand their school health programs. We offer group trainings on a variety of school health topics, school-based health center (SBHC) planning, youth engagement, and program operations. Our staff can also provide individualized consultation, and customized training and technical assistance services on a variety of planning or operational issues. Organizational members of CSHA receive up to four hours of technical assistance at no cost and  a 20% discount on trainings and technical assistance packages. Follow the links below for more information, or contact us at info@schoolhealthcenters.org.



School-Based Health Center Start-Up, Financing, and Legal Issues

  • Starting school-based health centers
  • Forming and coordinating a school district-health provider partnership
  • Financing and sustaining school-based health centers
  • Understanding information sharing practices and laws (HIPAA-FERPA)

Operations & Practice

  • Integrating school-based health centers into schools effectively
  • Maximizing student attendance and success with school-based health centers
  • Developing and expanding school-based nutrition and physical activity programs
  • Providing school-based adolescent health care, reproductive health services, and sexual health education
  • Finding a role for school-based health centers in public health initiatives (e.g., pertussis/Tdap immunization)
  • Learning how school-based health centers fit within “full-service community schools”

Community Engagement & Youth Leadership

  • Engaging parents and community members in school-based health centers
  • Engaging youth in health advocacy and leadership
  • Conducting youth-led participatory research
  • Involving youth leaders in social marketing
  • Turning youth leaders into school-based health advocates

Mental Health in Schools & School-Based Health Centers

  • Conducting a mental health assessment and environmental scan of your school or district
  • Implementing mental health programs (e.g., restorative practices or trauma-informed care)
  • Expanding mental health services in your district (i.e., a review of models and revenue streams)
  • Training staff on how to support mental health services
  • Engaging youth in mental health activities


Technical Assistance Services

I. Plan Your School-Based Health Center & Form New Partnerships

Planning an SBHC but not sure how to get started? Looking for a partner health care provider or school? Forming a planning committee with new stakeholders? We can provide individualized assistance so your efforts are efficient and successful, including:

  • Facilitated start-up planning committee meetings
  • Individual meeting/conversation with each partner
  • Our tools: Vision to Reality: How to Build a School-Based Health Center from the Ground Up and HIPAA or FERPA? A Primer on School Health Information Sharing in California, sample memoranda of understanding (MOUs)

II. Better Integrate Your Health Center into Your School

Building relationships with new SBHC or school leadership? Troubleshooting partner communication? Finding your SBHC under-utilized by students? We can help your SBHC and school develop stronger relationships, shared goals, and communication systems, including:

  • Facilitated meetings with SBHC and school partners
  • Strengths and opportunities assessment of SBHC integration
  • Our tools: Ready, Set, Success! How to Maximize the Impact of School Health Centers on Student Achievement, Attracting and Retaining Adolescent Patients, Measuring Adolescent Patient Experience in School-Based Health Centers, quality improvement planning templates, school integration principles, discussion questions for strengthening operating agreements, adolescent patient registration templates, sample risk screening tools for patients, sample clinic flows for conducting school-wide screening

III. Develop or Expand Your Youth Engagement Programs

Looking to engage youth at your SBHC or to develop your youth development skills? Planning to link your youth program to the statewide movement for school health? We can offer you individualized support to cultivate a team of student health leaders, including:

  • Workshops (or facilitated meetings) for youth leaders
  • Facilitated meeting/workshop for adult coordinator/s
  • Our tools: Establishing your Youth Board, Peer Health Insurance Rights Education curriculum, Community Based Participatory Research, support on creating a youth engagement process, support in identifying youth development program models, including health careers education in your SBHC

IV. Establish or Expand Your School Mental Health Program

Interested in bringing mental health services on campus? Looking to improve school climate or conduct teacher trainings on mental health? We can assist you in planning and implementing comprehensive school mental health services for all students, including:

  • School mental health environmental scan and assessment
  • Assistance with finding funding and providers for mental health services
  • Workshops or presentations on school mental health topics
  • Our tools: School Mental Health Assessment Tool, Trauma Informed Mental Health Care to Support Boys and Men of Color, trainings on trauma-informed classrooms and community building circles, support in identifying local partners and leveraging resources, support in implementing evidence-based practices.


Custom Training and Technical Assistance Rates (does not include travel expenses)

We can create custom training and technical assistance packages to meet your specific needs. Contact us to learn more.

  • Customized workshops or webinars: $450; member rate $360
  • Facilitated meeting (includes agenda development, meeting facilitation, meeting minutes and follow-up action items): $300; member rate $240
  • Individualized technical assistance and consultation: $150/hour; member rate $120/hour