A California Guide for Sharing Student Health and Education Information

The goal of A California Guide for Sharing Student Health and Education Information is to strengthen and expand partnerships between education agencies and school-based health programs. This guide provides an overview of the laws that relate to sharing student/patient information (HIPAA, FERPA and California State Law), as well as best practices and resource materials for schools and health providers.

  • School-Based Health Center Staff
    “I want to be a good partner to the teachers and school leaders we work with but still be compliant with health care laws so we can stay open and serve our students.”
  • School Principal

    “I need to keep all students on campus safe, and having information empowers me to make the best decisions to keep all students on campus safe.”
  • Behavioral Health Provider
    “Keeping confidentiality helps me build close relationships with students and families, but sometimes it would help if I could talk with school staff.”
  • Teacher

    “I want to learn from health and mental health professionals how I can best work with my students.”
  • School Nurse

    “I need to make sure the student’s health needs are met. Sometimes I need to be able to share information with the School Based Health Care providers.”
  • Student

    “How do I know the information I share with an adult won’t get spread around campus?”
  • Caregiver

    "I don’t have to take time off work to talk to multiple providers. My child gets comprehensive health care at their school."