Identify Partner Agencies

Identify Partner Agencies to Provide Health Services

School health services are provided by a diverse set of organizations, including clinics, hospitals, and public health departments. Although some services are provided directly by school district employees, many service providers are independent organizations that agree to partner with a school and provide health services on or near campus. Medical, mental and oral health providers are often able to provide services at no cost to the school—either because they can bill insurance carriers for their services or because they have grant funding to support their work.

As an educator, your role is to reach out to potential partners and talk to them about whether they might be interested in providing school health services. You should find out which organizations provide school health services in your district; if there are any school health centers, you should find out which organizations “sponsor” them. You should also talk to staff at schools with health services or centers to learn more about their partnerships. Finally, you should reach out to potential partners to discuss collaboration opportunities.

California School-Based Health Alliance’s (CSHA) toolkit, From Vision to Reality: How to Build a School Health Center from the Ground Up has more on how to find partners.

Potential Partners

  • Community Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Community Mental Health Agencies
  • County Mental Health and Public Health Departments
  • Non-Profit Community-Based Organizations (e.g., youth development, mentoring, sports and recreation)

You can find potential partners by:

  • Visiting the California Primary Care Association’s Californiahealth+ website and locate community clinics in your city or county.
  • Visiting the California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies’ website and seeing whether any of its member agencies are located in your area.
  • Visiting the California Department of Public Health’s website and using its Local Health Services page to find information about your county’s public health department.

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