Identify School Partners

Identify a School Interested in Your Health Services

There are many entry points to working with schools. If a school district doesn’t approach you to bring clinical care to their students, you can do outreach to schools within an area to which you would like to deliver care. Sometimes health care providers must first build trust with a school district by demonstrating their commitment to improving student health. Some health providers do this by initiating needed services that don’t require special facilities, such as participating in a school-based immunization clinic, conducting classroom health education, or consulting with the school nurse on students with medical or behavioral problems.

There are many school stakeholders you might approach about starting an SBHC. While you can go directly to top district leadership, such as the superintendent, school board, or a school principal, you might first want to identify a health champion within the school or district, who will help build internal buy-in for the concept of an SBHC. This might be a school nurse, a counselor, or a health professional serving on the school board. You should also talk to local SBHC providers to learn more about how they formed their school partnership.

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You can also contact the California School Health Centers Association for assistance in finding a school district interested in an SBHC. We maintain a database of school districts interested in partnering to bring health care to their schools.

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